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  • You need only type "ECU Remap or Tuning Box?" into any popular search engine to be bombarded by an endless stream of tuners all shouting over each other.
  • When it comes to ECU Remapping vs The Unichip Module, we're clued up. Unichip Europe operates underneath the guise of Redline Tuning; we frequently remap or "flash map" ECU's, as well as tuning aftermarket & piggyback ECUs. 
  • So, we've identified 5 problems associated with rudimentary remapping (plus a bonus point), and how the Unichip saves you from performance enhancing pitfalls. 


1) Is a Remap a Custom Tune?

  • Yes, and no. An ECU Remap is a custom tune, but it's a generalised tune. They are not written specifically for your vehicle, but for your vehicle's make & model. If you've already modified your engine (installing air intakes, custom exhausts, bigger turbos etc), remapping your stock ECU is obsolete. 
  • On the whole, most ECU remap specialist claims of a custom tune for your vehicle are extremely misleading, and in some cases, not true at all.
  • What the tuner - or "map loaders" as we like to refer to them as - REALLY mean, is that a known tune will be applied to your ECU software. They may alter the target AFR’s (air fuel ratios) at full throttle, or may even slightly increase the target boost figure.
  • In order to carry out a COMPLETE custom tune (or calibration), you'll need a more capable ECU unit, offering much more control & refinement when it comes to tuning your engine.

engine tuning laptop unichip europe
(Above) We're speculating that if every "map loader" looked like this, we'd be out of business...

  • What they won’t be able to do is tune every varying driving condition in real time – that is – ignition timing, boost pressure, throttle opening, boost solenoid duty, torque limitations, to name just a few parameters.
    This is integral for a great tune for any modified or high performance vehicle. Fortunately, this parameters are able to be controlled by the Unichip Module.

 Look at this this way - if an engine remap is compared to a game of Draughts, then the Unichip can be compared to a game of Chess. Both games are played on the same board, and the board is your vehicle - but one game is a lot more technical than the other.


unichip installation in the uk


  • If you want a truly customised tune for your vehicle without spending a fortune on a highly customisable standalone ECU module, the Unichip is a viable choice for anybody on a budget.
  • The Unichip module allows a skilled tuner access to over 55,000 tuning tables in real time, adjusting the tune across the entire rev range in tiny increments - allowing for a much more intimate and refined engine tune. 

"Apart from controlling general timing and mixtures, the Unichip can control idling control, drive extra injectors, various forms of boost control, create / eliminate road-speed governors, calibrate speedometers, fully control nitrous and water injections, raise the rev limiter on most engines etc."


  • Installing the Unichip Module in-house by a qualified Unichip Distributor will never be a "one size fits all" tune. It's a truly unique tune, which is able to alter a whole host of tuning parameters, creating a calibration specific to not only your personal requirements, but the physical state of your vehicle's engine.


2) Do ECU Remaps or Unichip Modules Affect Warranty?

  • Despite any tuner / company telling you otherwise, ANY form of ECU mapping will affect your warranty.
  • And these days, many car owners don’t really own their car at all. Figures from the Finance and Leasing Association showed that in April 2019, British consumers finance more than 948,000 vehicles, with a combined value of almost £19.4 billion. And that’s just the UK alone!

ECU Remap Unichip Car Dealership

(Above) No wonder there's a combined cost of £19.4 Billion. The UK is addicted to German vehicle leasing...


  • ECU remapping runs a substantial risk of seriously impacting your financial investment. Remapping your vehicle's stock ECU is a permanent modification, whereas opting for a removeable piggyback ECU such as the Unichip Module is a much safer option.
  • Perhaps this is why our Plug & Play kits have become so popular in recent years. Our Unichip harnesses enable our customers to simply unplug the whole unit when it’s time to swap-in your leased vehicle – with no trace of any modification.
  • Bare in mind you'll still have to declare your modifications to your insurance company, which is likely to increase your premiums. This is the case for any form of vehicle modification. 

3) Can an ECU Remap be Altered or Reused?

  • No. Once a tuning file has been uploaded to your vehicle's existing ECU, it cannot be modified. You can only replace the file with a new calibration. This is managed by either getting your vehicle mapped again, or taking your vehicle back to the manufacturer to have the original tuning file re-uploaded - for a price.

ECU remapping laptop garage


Example: Building your own project car...?


  • Here's a real world example - directly from our tuning workshop.

    Let's say you've just purchased a Volkswagen MK6 Golf GTI. You're looking to improve your vehicle's engine performance, and you've heard that remapping is a cost effective means of improving power output.

?MK6 Golf Unichip by Unichip Europe

(Above: This 400HP+ Golf GTI is 'Unichipped' - and is well beyond the reach of the likes of Dave...)

  • Your "mate" has recommended you Dave, a mobile remapping agent he's seen on Facebook. He's claiming he'll be able to extract another +40HP during your lunch hour for £199.
  • What you ACTUALLY receive is a power increase of +20HP & an engine management light that'll haunt you forever. You're unsatisfied with the service, and now you're interested in gaining more power via hardware modifications, such as uprated air intakes & bigger turbos etc.
  • Your "custom map" is now obsolete. You'll need to go down the aftermarket / piggyback ECU route to get the most out of your modifications. Back to square 1...


  • We see many race / track inspired vehicles (including this specific Golf example) in and out of our workshop every month. 

    They've all got the Unichip Module in common.


  • They all know that the Unichip is able to be reprogrammed / retuned. So when they come back to us with even more bolt on modifications, all it takes is a quick tweak of the Unichip Module for those mods to be working in perfect cohesion - tailored exactly to your own personal preferences.

    ECU Remap vs. Unichip? The Unichip wins again.

4) Will an ECU Remap Affect Engine Diagnostics?

  • It's common for remapped vehicles to run into difficulties when trying to diagnose running faults. It's even more common for these maps to cause engine fault lights to appear on your dashboard.
  • You've tuned your vehicle because you love driving. The last thing you want is a repeat fault code ruining your driving experience. And believe us, it will. 
  • At our operating garage at Redline Tuning, we'll often get tasked with the responsibility of restoring or remapping an ECU because of the above reasons. And you spent how much on a reflash...?
  • The Unichip can quickly be removed to help your mechanic / technician repair your vehicle with ease. And in some instances, your standard ECU file remains untouched and accessible via your Unichip Map Switch. Furthermore, our system is unaffected by main agents carrying out ECU software updates. So, no need to worry!


5) What are the Limitations of an ECU Remap?

  • Many ECU Reflash Specialists map for performance, fuel economy or in some cases, both. So in many cases, your reflash will not only improve your top speed and performance, it’ll make your vehicle more efficient. The limitations of reflashing your vehicle's ECU is only having access to one mapping file. 
  • This causes a compromise between performance and fuel economy. While it can be concluded that rudimentary remaps can enhance both, you'll never get the best of both worlds - just somewhere in between. 

monopoly car take a chance unichip europe

(Above) Reflashes - Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Not quite the Community Chest Unichip Offer...

How is the Unichip any Different?

  • Instead of branding our module as a chip tuning product or tuning box, the Unichip Module is better described as a multi-processor, fully functioning ECU Tuning Tool. 
    And that's not just fancy marketing, either.
  • Unichip Modules are extremely sophisticated, and as such, are able to offer your a more feature rich solution to improving your vehicle with multiple map capability. 5 maps are better than 1. Always.
  • This means we're able to create specialist tunes for virtually any application. Often, we'll create a "performance" tune, alongside an "economy" tune. These maps live up to their names and the difference is distinguishable - and we've still got 3 more map slots for you to fill.
  • Often, we'll provide maps dependent on the vehicle. An off-road inspired vehicle is likely to have a completely different map set to a vehicle destined for the track at the weekends.
  • These can include, but are not limited to, "high torque" maps, "anti - theft immobilizer" maps and "race" maps to name a few.

 Unichip Map Selection - What Are My Options? 


  • These are all accessed via a Unichip Map Switch, which are either mounted internally inside your vehicle, via a Key Fob Remote or via Bluetooth - directly connected to your iOS / Android Device.


Bonus: How Unichip Simplifies "Advanced Tuning".

A Unichip is for life, not just for Land Cruisers.

As we previously discussed, a Remap is a "one size fits all" tuning choice. The Unichip is far more advanced

Rather than physically altering your vehicle's engine parameters, the Unichip intercepts sensor data from both OEM / Factory sensors and any additional modifications, making changes to enhance performance as necessary. 

Data from the Unichip is received by the factory ECU map table, meaning that the changes the Unichip has made will apply across all factory maps.

In simple terms, all parameters can be manipulated by the Unichip without any changes to the factory map itself.

Unichip Tuning Pots - 2 Knobs, 1 Button.

With the help of Unichip's assignable Tuning Pots, a skilled tuner is able to manipulate virtually any engine parameters in real time. The benefits of being able to tune in real time are great; not only do we have intimate control over tuning increments, it also results in a huge time advantage. There is no need to stop / start the engine to test these parameters. 

Unichip Tuning Pots for mapping a vehicle's ECU - our Brochure Article

(Above) - Page 15 of The Unichip Dealer Brochure - Find out more.

This, in turn, saves you money through a significant reduction in labour costs in comparison to live tuning a standalone ECU module.

Often, the simplest solution is often the best


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