The Ford Transit Custom is a reliable and versatile commercial vehicle that meets the needs of many individuals and businesses. With its impressive cargo capacity and towing capability of up to 2.8 tons, it's a popular choice for those who regularly transport heavy or bulky loads. However, some owners experience performance issues when dealing with heavy loads, including sluggish acceleration and poor fuel economy.

Resolving Performance Issues

To address these concerns, you can remap your transit custom to get an effective solution. Engine remapping optimizes the performance parameters of your Ford Transit Custom, enhancing its capabilities. At Unichip Europe, our High Torque Map has been proven to deliver an additional 43.4 horsepower and up to 115 ft-lbs of torque when combined with a Ford Transit Custom ECU tuning kit.

Remap for Transit Custom

The Unichip Europe Ford Transit Custom ECU tuning kit is specifically designed for the 2L 170PS edition released from 2018 onwards. When correctly installed in this vehicle model, owners can expect visible improvements in torque output and power delivery.

With increased torque in the low rev ranges, your Ford Transit Custom can handle heavy loads more effectively, tackle steep inclines with ease, and provide smooth acceleration even when towing a heavily laden trailer.

Fuel Economy and Business Benefits

Improved efficiency resulting from the Unichip Europe Ford Transit Custom ECU tuning kit often leads to better fuel economy, particularly when towing or transporting heavy loads. For commercial vehicles like the Ford Transit Custom, enhanced fuel economy translates into increased business profits, making the ECU tuning kit an excellent investment.

Warranty Considerations

While the Unichip Europe Ford Transit Custom ECU tuning kit is a plug-and-play unit that doesn't permanently affect the vehicle's components, it's important to inform your insurance company about its installation. It's worth noting that engine remapping may invalidate the manufacturer's warranty, so it's essential to consider warranty implications before proceeding.

Towing Capacity Limitations

While remapping your Ford Transit Custom enhances performance, it's crucial to adhere to the vehicle's towing capacity limitations. Exceeding these limits can jeopardize safety, invalidate insurance coverage, and cause unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.



Remapping your Ford Transit Custom can significantly improve its towing capability and provide a more rewarding driving experience, especially when dealing with heavy loads or towing trailers. However, it's vital to consider the safety, legal and warranty implications before proceeding with the remapping process. Evaluate the benefits and limitations to make an informed decision about enhancing your vehicle's performance.


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