You've bought the lift kit.

You've fitted the snorkel.

You've got more rubber on your off-road tyres than a Dutch fetish club.


Where's your Unichip? 

The Land Cruiser Series & the Unichip Module are the perfect love story you never knew existed. 

As a Land Cruiser 100 series owner looking for more power, you'll know remapping your vehicle is nigh impossible, and any decent chip tuning products that truly gets the most out of your 4.2 1HD-FTE engine are very difficult to get your hands on.

land cruiser 100 series  

Unichip Europe's Plug & Play ECU Kit will add a very impressive +144 ft-lbs (+195 Nm) to your accelerator pedal. 

This is over double the amount of torque that competitor tuning products are able to offer, whilst still retaining the integrity of your engine's internal parts, and delivering a power increase of +40 hp. 

You'll also have access to 5 custom maps, all available for use via our Bluetooth enabled smartphone app, or our selection of map switches we have available on our web store.

Big Numbers

For those of you who're struggling to understand how much more power +144 ft-lbs is; we'll make it a little simpler for you: 

Land Cruiser Remap Chip Tune Comparison

(Pictures taken from Autocar & Autoexpress respectively)

Pictured (left) is your Land Cruiser 100 Series, and a 2011 Ginetta G40r (right). The Ginetta makes +141.8 ft-lbs of torque @ 5,000 RPM from it's 2L 4-cylinder engine.

The Unichip Module is able to provide with an extra +144 ft-lbs of torque @ 1,900 RPM. 

Therefore, you could say that once the Unichip Module is installed, it's like having an extra G40r under your bonnet, in terms of the torque output. 

If you're taking your Land Cruiser "green-laning", are serious about off-roading or simply want a massive improvement in driveability - if this does not excite you, we'd suggest seeking medical attention

Show me the proof

We'd love to. 

land cruiser tune unichip europe dyno graph

The green curves represent torque (smooth) & horsepower (dotted). 

There's a huge increase in torque, low in the rev range. Exactly where you need it. 

Peak power increases to around 29 hp. However, your maximum power difference is around 40 hp between 1,750 - 2,500 RPM. 

And of course, the massive +144 ft-lb torque increase (that we haven't mentioned yet).

Our Plug & Play Kit is delivered to you pre-programmed, complete with a wiring harness. As long as you know where your vehicle's ECU is, you'll find installing it relatively simple (HINT: It's behind your glovebox). 

We'll provide an in-depth installation guide if/when you decide to buy. 

For the Land Cruiser 100 'Amazon' Series, we've two separate kits for the 1998 - 2002 & 2002 - 2007 variants. 

We've also kits available for the 150 'Prado' Series, 200 series, 70 series & several other 4x4 vehicles that'll make an unbelievable improvement to the power & drivability of your car.


Full walkthrough + installation here: