Bread and Butter.

Cookies and Cream. Thunder and Lightening. Copy and Paste.

Land Cruisers and Unichips.

Okay - so it's not as catchy. But that's not going to matter once you've got a spine - tingling extra +140 LB - FT (195.2 Nm) under your bonnet. 

Land Cruiser Unichip Module Power Comparison on tarmac background

(Above: A visual representation of how much extra Torque the Unichip Module can provide... |  Adapted from Autocar & Auto Express)

That's your Land Cruiser (left). That's a Ginetta G40R (right). That Ginetta peaks at 141.8 LB-FT of Torque. 140 LB - FT of Torque found by the Unichip. You do the maths - the Module is powerful.  

For those who're attuned to the Land Cruiser cult following, you might be aware of the blossoming relationship between Unichip Europe and Land Cruiser 100 Series Tuning. You'll also be aware that as a Land Cruiser 100 Series owner looking for more power (Dubbed the "Amazon" in the U.K), you'll know that remapping your vehicle is nigh impossible, and any decent chip tuning / tuning boxes for the 100 Series that truly get the most out of that monster 4.2L 1HD-FTE are few & far in between.

Unichip Europe have been tuning these vehicles for quite a while now. And to be honest with you, we've got quite good at it. Their words, not ours.

Unichip Tuning | What are my Options?

Unichip Europe offer two routes for Land Cruiser Tuning; Bespoke Workshop Installations & Plug and Play ECU Tuning Devices.

  • We've had several Land Cruiser's pass through our Essex - Based Workshop, many of which have had light to moderate engine modifications that the Unichip and our talented tuners are able to accommodate for, creating a bespoke tune unique to your vehicle.  You can view our Cruiser Collection / installation blogs here, here & here.
  • Your second route (recommended) is purchasing & installing one of Unichip Europe's Plug and Play ECU Tuning Boxes, specifically adapted for the 100 Series.

land cruiser 100 series 1hd-fte unichip q and wiring harness

  • They're relatively easy to install, pose no risk to your engine's mechanical components or gearbox, support light engine modifications & overall are a fantastic edition for any Captain at the helm of a Cruiser. Our 100 Series Tuning Kits are able to extract +140 LB-FT of Torque at just under 2,000 RPM, increases Horsepower by +40HP @ 2,500 RPM & enable you access to 5 versatile maps available to switch in real time.

    Better yet - should you wish to install an uprated intercooler or exhaust system in the future, you'll be able to have your vehicle retuned at any Unichip Europe Dealership to account for your mods, for a nominal fee. (We've also chucked A 10% off Retune Coupon in your order for good measure..)

Don't Want to Read, Just Want to Watch...

Okay, relax. Here's a video we made a few years ago demonstrating our Land Cruiser Plug and Play Kit in action. 3 seconds off your 0 - 60 MPH time! 



Land Cruiser 100 Series | Unichip's Programmed Maps.

Using the latest Unichip X Module, we're able to programme, tune and configure 5 maps for your Land Cruiser - all available to switch in real time via the use of a Unichip Map Switch. 5 maps are better than 1 - especially when they've got genuine real world application. They are as follows:

#1: Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map. 

  • Unique to Unichip Europe's Tuning Boxes. Once active, your engine's ignition is able to turn over, but without any throttle response. If thieves get access to your keys, they're not going anywhere. Your engine idling without any throttle response is enough to deter potential thieves. Simple, yet effective. 

#2: Standard / Stock ECU Map. 

  • Your original ECU tuning file remains untouched by Unichip Europe throughout the tuning process. It's available to choose as part of your map selection for any engine diagnostic purposes - you will not need to uninstall the Unichip Tuning Kit to troubleshoot engine issues. It's also a great means of comparison between your stock tune & the massive gains the Unichip provides through the Performance map. 

#3: Economy Map. 

  • Unichip's Economy Map is distinctly different from competitor maps that claim an increase in fuel economy. Simply put, this map recognises and negates all of your sudden / jerky throttle pedal movements, eliminating the one variable stopping you from attaining the best fuel economy - you. This map also increases power output, allowing you to reach cruising speed more efficiently.

#4: Off - Road / Towing Map. 

  • Caravans. Horse Boxes. Heavy Machinery. Poorly Land Cruisers. You name it - we've seen Land Cruiser's tow it. This map communicates with your engine to produce more torque, lower down in the rev range. Once active, this makes setting off with heavy weights, tackling sharp inclines and off-roading a lot easier to manage, ensuring a smoother journey whatever you're up to on the weekends. Easy!

#5: Performance Map. 

  • "My LC100 accelerates like a sports car." "Car pulls like a train." "The extra power is just phenomenal and it runs clean when doing so, too"

    Real words from our Land Cruiser 100 Series Plug and Play Tuning Box owners. Once active, the Performance Map gives you all of the available power, across the entire rev range. This is all done within the safety parameters set by the original manufacturer, as poses 0 (zero) risk to your engine or gearbox's integrity.

Note: Anti Theft, Standard, Economy & Towing / Off - Road Maps are only available with the Premium Unichip Kits. 

Your Land Cruiser's Power Gains.

  • Horsepower Gains: 167.9 HP >> 195.7 HP | +16.6%
  • Torque Gains: 300.0 LB - FT >> 440.0 LB - FT | +46.7%
  • MPG Gains: 7 - 12 MPG | 15.5% - 26.6%
  • Peak Horsepower Gain: +40.0 HP @ 2,500 RPM.

Show me the Proof | Land Cruiser 100 Series Performance Tune Graph


Unichip Performance Dyno Rolling Road Graph for the Land Cruiser 100 Series 1HD-FTE 4.2L

(Above: Unichip Europe's Performance Map, taken from our in - house 'DynoDynamics' Rolling Road) 

  • The dotted lines represent Torque output, and the smooth lines represent Horsepower output. The green lines exhibit your stock ECU tuning file, compared to the Unichip's Performance Map in red.
  • Peak power increases by around +29 HP (top right figures). However, at around 2,500 RPM, your Horsepower difference is around 40 HP - exactly where you need it.


Buying Your Land Cruiser Tuning Kit

Unichip Europe tune and assemble upgrade kits for 2 versions of the 4.2L 1HD-FTE 100 Series; Pre 2002 models & 2002 - 2007 models. Although each use the same engine model, they both use different turbos, affecting your tune & preventing us from creating a "one size fits all" device.

unichip europe logo


Why Choose Unichip for your Land Cruiser?

Land Cruiser ECU remapping is notoriously difficult - and even more difficult to do it correctly.

Unichip Europe pride themselves on assembling, tuning and delivering the most versatile and powerful diesel tuning boxes for the Land Cruiser "Amazon" 100 Series on the market. If you've done your research (which we're sure you have), you'll have noticed the majority of competitor multi - map tuning boxes for the Land Cruiser series will only offer maps that slightly increase power output, which, if we're being honest, are pretty useless.

This is where Unichip Europe step in. Each of our maps have been meticulously crafted to deliver a completely different driving experience. They're not only different from each other - they each have a real world benefit designed to increase vehicle security, drastically improve fuel economy, increase towing / off-road capability and deliver an unparalleled performance map. 

Our self fit Land Cruiser tuning kits are designed to be as simplistic as possible to install. We've done all of the wiring and hard work for you - all you need to do is follow our manual, plug in the Unichip connections and you're away!

So, if you're considering improving the drivability of your Land Cruiser through engine tuning, you needn't look further

We're proud of what we create. Revolutionise your Land Cruiser today!