• Much to the elation of every Cruiser fanatic, the latest rendition of the Land Cruiser arrived mid 2021... the coveted 300 Series.
    As of the time of writing (January 2022), there's not much progression in terms of engine performance tuning (such as ECU remapping / tuning) for the 300 Series thus far.

Land Cruiser 300 Series ZX Performance Tuning ECU

Above: The New LC300 ZX | Source: "Global.Toyota Newsroom"

  • The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series comes with a choice of two engines - a 3.5L V6 twin turbo petrol engine developing 415HP & 650Nm / 477.9 LB-FT) of torque & a 3.3L V6 twin turbo diesel engine, producing 309HP & 700Nm / 516.3 LB-FT.
  • If the Land Cruiser 100 & 200 Series are anything to go by, you can expect very reasonable performance figures with a Unichip Piggyback ECU tuning (just look at our Land Cruiser 100 Series / 200 Series tunes on our shop!). 

What's on the 300 Series tuning market so far?

  • Unfortunately, not a lot. As the 300 Series is currently not available in the UK or Europe, 300 Series tuning options are very limited.
    Gazoo Racing, the team behind the Yaris GR & Yaris GRMN, have developed the 300 GR Sport - but don't get too excited just yet.
    There's been no improvement in terms of the 300 Series' performance - the engine remains stock, and all that's been added are a pair of "off-road" bumpers & some new look alloys.

toyota land cruiser 300 series gr sport edition ecu tuning remap

Above: The LC300 GR Sport Edition | Source: "Toyota.Global Newsroom"

  • If you're a paranoid Drug Lord or running for presidency in a country that would rather see you assassinated than elected, there are several companies offering bespoke armoured 300 Series options.
    Much like it's predecessors, the 79 & 200 series, the Land Cruiser 300 Series is quickly becoming the "meta" choice of armoured & specialist SUVs. We think this is down to it's pedigree, upgraded off road technology & lavish in car entertainment. 

terrorist kidnapping because the driver didn't have an appropriate vehicle

Above: Fed up of being gunned down and kidnapped on your commute? Get an armoured 300 series....

  • However, these companies are not specifically tuning the engine; they're providing a range of handling & safety features, such as uprated brakes, ballistic glass & exterior / component armouring.
    With a kerb weight a shade under 2,500 KG for the 5 seater 300 Series, it's only a matter of time until a performance tune becomes a necessity for such endeavours.

Land Cruiser 300 Series Remapping...?

  • As the latest Land Cruiser is still a very new addition to the SUV market, it's extremely difficult to say when a remap will become available the 300 series.
    Combine this with a lack of tuning developments in Europe due to the Cruiser not being sold to the general public, we might be waiting a while. 

laptop remap 300 series land cruiser

Above: Stock images... Find me a real tuner with a WHITE laptop...

  • Following this, newer ECU systems implemented by manufacturers are becoming increasingly difficult to "crack", or bypass.
    Perhaps this is why Piggyback ECU's such as the Unichip Module have seen a massive resurgence in recent history.
    Couple this with the fact that the Unichip Module does not overwrite / tamper with any of a vehicle's existing ECU files & it's easy to why tuning boxes are becoming a popular and cost effective choice when it comes to engine tuning.

Can you install a Unichip on a 300 Series Land Cruiser?

  • Short answer? Yes, you can install a Unichip. Any vehicle with an ECU is able to be "Unichipped". Currently, Unichip Europe are currently in very early development of a multi - map tuning solution for the Land Cruiser 300 Series. We were extremely excited when we found out the newest Cruiser was on it's way out, and then bitterly disappointed to read it wasn't openly available in the UK. This makes sourcing a donor car problematic.
  • We'll be developing a performance tune for the 300 Series IF the demand is met. This tune will include the map selections you've come to expect with the Unichip; anti - theft immobilizer map, performance map, economy map & high torque / towing maps. And, if you're unfamiliar with our 100 & 200 series tunes, you can take a look at them below:

land cruiser 100 series unichip ecu tuning kit     land cruiser 200 series ecu tuning kit

  • So, if you're interested in "Unichipping" your Land Cruiser 300 Series, or have an enquiry about a self installable Unichip ECU tuning kit, feel free to get in touch with us below: 

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