Unichip Europe have recently started to develop their own line of ECU piggyback “Plug and Play” kits. And they’re great!

Not only can we provide you with a safe & effective power boost that does not damage your engine’s integrity, many of our kits will also radically transform your vehicle with a series of unique features that you will not find elsewhere.

Provided you know a little bit about where your ECU is located on your vehicle (everything you need to know can be found on google or a quick call to us), installation is simple & shouldn't take you more than a couple of hours. They'll leave no trace on your vehicle should you come to fit one, & will completely revolutionise your driving experience once you're up and running. 

If you're interested in buying a Unichip Europe Plug & Play Kit, or are just browsing, you will have come across the 5 map settings that are complimentary to your power upgrade. These are the features that really distinguish our kits from the rest. We'll run through a quick breakdown of what they are & what they do: 

(Please note: 5 custom maps come as standard for all kits with the suffix "Premium" or "Ultimate". Those with "Standard" will only have a performance map programmed.) 

Performance Map. 

  •  The reason why you wanted a ECU upgrade in the first place. The maximum power we are able to extract from your stock engine can be delivered safely through this map. It's worth noting now that this map (nor any of our pre-determined maps) will not harm your engine - we only operate within the power parameters your vehicle can comfortably handle. Competitors can and will give you higher performance results than us, at the detrimental effect of your engine suffering catastrophic failure.

    You don't want this; we don't want this. They'll prey on people who are chasing performance numbers. Don't chase the numbers.

    Breakdown: Dyno results - Land Cruiser 150 'Prado' - Stock Map vs Performance Map.

    From the Performance Map graph (second) shows us that roughly 80 Ft-lbs of torque is available just above idle, compared to the stock map. Once your Performance Map is selected, your vehicle has more power available, instantaneously. The Unichip communicates to your engine, to make better use of it's resources without compromising your engine's integrity. 

    land cruiser unichip plug and play kit ecu graph dyno ecu  land cruiser 150 ecu plug and play kit performance dyno graph

Economy Map. 

  • Typically, re-characterising the torque limits on your engine's ECU will make better use of your engine's performance capacity, which in turn, translates to better fuel economy during your travels. Reaching cruising speed quickly will result in more MPG. This is typical of your standard re-flashing services.
    Have you tried to drive economically after having your engine perform better than ever, though? It's tough...

    Unichip's Economy map is unique. The only thing stopping you from driving economically is you. We're able to manipulate your on/off throttle input. This map reduces all of your sudden peddle movements & aggressive driving habits; put your foot down, and within reason, you won't have the surge of power you're used to getting from the Performance map.

    Breakdown: Dyno results - Land Cruiser 150 'Prado' - Stock Map vs Economy Map. 

    By comparing the Stock Map (first) with the Economy Map (second), you'll see that less power is available at lower RPM. This is ideal for city driving & cruising. You'll also notice that the Economy Map's torque graph is significantly steeper than both the Stock Map & Performance Map (top of this blog). This is to ensure you're able to reach cruising speed quickly, without utilising all of your engine's power. 

    So not only does the technology behind the Economy Map stop you from driving erratically; it initially limits the amount of power your vehicle has available, as well as giving you enough power to reach a cruising speed effectively. Nice.

           Land Cruiser 150 unichip plug and play kit stock dyno graph ecu plug in  land cruiser 150 unichip plug and play economy dyno result

    More on why our Economy map is the best here...

Anti - Theft Map.

  • Unichip Europe's Plug & Play Kits implement an Anti-Theft map. With standalone immobiliser products ranging from anywhere between £400 - £1,000+, it makes our kits just that little bit more special & drastically improves your vehicle's security.

    Once selected, our Anti-Theft map will stop your vehicle's engine from turning over. If, God forbid, somebody does get handy with your set of keys, they'll be going nowhere.

    They say you can't put a price on a good night's sleep. But, it turns out you can. And the price is significantly cheaper with a Plug & Play kit.  

    You can find a demonstration of this map in action here

Off - Road / Towing Map.

  • Currently, the Plug and Play Kits developed by Unichip Europe are exclusive to 4x4's and off-road capable vehicles. By delivering torque at lower rev ranges, we're able to substantially improve low-end performance and get you off the mark easier when you're towing a heavy load, or knee deep in mud in the Peak District. 

    Breakdown: Dyno results - Land Cruiser 150 'Prado' - Stock Map vs Off-Road / Towing Map.

    The stock result (first) shows us that 255 Ft-lbs of torque is available @ 1,600 RPM, peaking to a max torque reading of 315 Ft-lbs @ 2,300 RPM. 

    The off-road / towing result shows us 335 Ft-lbs of torque is available @ 1,600 RPM, peaking to a max of just under 400 Ft-lbs @ 2,300 RPM. 

    With this map setting, you'll have power exactly where you need it. In this case, you'd have an extra 80+ Ft-lbs of torque to get you off the line, or out of the mud. 

land cruiser 150 unichip plug and play kit towing dyno land cruiser 150 unichip plug and play kit towing towing

Standard Map. 

  • There are a number of reasons why you'd still need access to your vehicle's standard map. One is to really understand & compare the power of the Unichip Module to your car's original feel. More importantly though, it's there for vehicle diagnostics post-install. Despite being easy to install, I wouldn't want to remove our plug & play kit every time you need your car serviced. 

So, there you have it. 5 customised maps for you vehicle, for any occasion the roads (or countryside!) throw you. 

And as always, if you've got any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Find your ECU, unplug it, plug & play and you're away.

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