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There's no doubt about it. 

The Ford Transit Custom is one of the best selling vans to date, with 55,000+ annual recorded sales in 2019, some 3 years after the new Custom entered into production.

And, according to Vanarama, if you were to amalgamate car sales into the annual vehicle selling numbers, the Transit Custom ranks 3rd, just before the Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Golf.  

Curated by our staff, Unichip Europe have developed a list of must - have Transit Custom Accessories.

#1: Transit Custom Aftermarket Body Kits (RRP £1,595).

With over 5,000 Transit Custom units selling in December 2020 alone, the Custom connoisseur might want to differentiate their van from the rest - and what better way than slapping on an aftermarket body kit?

Ford Transit Custom Body Kit - Unichip Blog

We'd recommend parking away from site... | Source: Xclusive Customz

If you're looking to own a truly unique van, this company give you multiple customisation options to pick and choose between side skirts, spoilers, and rear / front bumpers - creating your own distinctive look at the click of a button.

You could just opt for a MS-RT Transit Custom if you haven't got your hands on a Transit already, which comes with a fancy body kit as standard. If you're truly looking for an aftermarket option to differentiate your van, this is one of the ultimate Ford Transit Custom Accessories to go for. For a price. 


#2: Transit Custom ITG Induction Kit. (RRP £435.00)

 I mean, why not? The sound of an aftermarket Induction Kit is certainly set to turn a few heads...

We've test driven a few of these higher spec transits with our Unichip Modules installed, and the sound of an aftermarket induction kit to match their power wouldn't go amiss - especially on the Sport Trim / MSRT Editions... 

 Grab your induction kit here.

#3: "HandPresso" Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker (RRP £70.64+)

 Not specific to the Transit Custom Accessories genre, but we thought we'd include it anyway. The HandPresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker may seem like a hefty price, but when you crunch the numbers, it's actually pretty justifiable. We have.

handpresso car coffee unichip blog

Above: Combine your passion of coffee with your unadulterated love of Transits.

Let's say you buy 1 cup of coffee a week from a reputable street chain coffee venue. That'll equate to more or less £15 a month. Times that by the 12 months in a year, and you've spent £180 on paper cups, brown water and, assuming you've spent 5 minutes queuing to get served, 240 minutes (4 hours!) standing around. 

Yeah, you might get some stick off of the rest of the "tradies", but who's the real winner? You are. If you're thick skinned enough to be seen with one of these inside your cab on site, you can buy one here.

#4: Unichip Europe's Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kit | 2016+ Transit Custom 130PS / 170PS

 Raise your hand if you want an extra +156Nm of Torque for your Transit Custom. Raise your hand if you want an extra +43.3 HP (Horsepower) to cut in front of someone at the traffic lights (Sorry Transit owners...). Raise your hand if you want access to 5 bespoke maps, available to switch between in real time, that'll do everything and anything from turning your Transit into a sports car, increasing your vehicle security or improving your towing capabilities? I see lots of hands.

transit custom ford unichip plug and play ecu tuning kit advert blog 

Above: Unichip Europe's Plug and Play ECU Tuning Box for the 170PS Transit Custom (shown)

 Unichip's Premium or Deluxe Editions of our Tuning Kits have all of the aforementioned. The power figures we've stated are for the 170PS Custom Variant, but our kit for the 130PS version still gives you an extra +141 Nm of Torque and a horsepower increase of +33.7 HP. These EcoBlue engines the newer Transits have are extremely tuneable. Not many tuning companies can do it. Even fewer do it well. Unichip Europe are at the forefront of creating a truly versatile, multi-mapped tuning product that will completely transform your van.

transit unichip kit and performance dyno graph plug and play ecu tuning module

Above: Our Unichip kit & Performance Dyno Graph.

Prices start from £499.99, which will bag you our Standard Edition Kit (1 x Performance Map). Opt for the more expensive premium edition (£799.99) to gain access to all 5 maps. The price of our Map Switches, ranging from £93.01 - £173.50, are now incorporated into the pricing structure, so for the most part, you'll be receiving a free map switch! Find out more on our map structure & technical information below:

 Shop | Ford Transit Custom ECU Tuning Kit (130PS 2.0L EcoBlue)

 Shop | Ford Transit Custom ECU Tuning Kit (170PS 2.0L EcoBlue)

In terms of bang for your buck, our Tuning Kit is one of the more practical Transit Custom Accessories, is arguably the most fun, and is the only product on our list that'll actually put money back in your pocket - through the use of our intuitive Economy map. 

#5: Nekteck Car Mount - Magnetic Phone Holder (RRP £10.58)

With the £20 a month* you've just saved thanks to your Custom's brand new Unichip Tuning Kit, you've got more than enough spare change in your pocket for a decent phone holder. Unless you've spent it all on AdBlue...

magnetic phone holder unichip blog

Above: Pictured | £10.58 saves you from 6 points on your license & a £200 fine...

I'm sorry fellas, but if I had to pick a driving demographic who I see frequently using a mobile when driving, it's you lot. Get yourself a phone holder, connect your device to Apple CarPlay and never get caught again. This one is highly recommended, adjustable and great value for money, too.


Bonus: Steve North's £77,000 Bespoke Transit "Supercamper".

We first came across this beauty when trawling the internet for something interesting to post on Unichip Europe's Twitter Account. Steve North's MS-RT Transit has been converted into a lavish Campervan, packed full of custom extras you'd expect from someone who's just forked out £77,000 on a Transit. For reference, you can pick up a 2012 Porsche 911 GT2 on AutoTrader for £74,995.... 

steve north supercamper ms rt 77000

Above: Oof. Source |

There's a full kitchen, swivelling colour co-ordinated seats for added room, space for bedding and a starlit Alcantara headliner in the back. That's on top of the full body kit, duel exhaust, anthracite 18" alloys & the rest of the MS-RT package...


inside steve norths ms rt transit camper conversion

Above: The inside of this Transit is better equipped than my house's kitchen.

Find the full article written by our friends at Motor1...


#7: Ford Transit Custom Seat Covers (RRP £69.50)

There's no surprise that a well kept Transit will retain it's value. But, if your seats are covered in mayonnaise stains, you might have a problem. I sincerely hope those stains are mayonnaise, anyway.

Ford Transit Custom Seat Covers are arguably one of the best ways to ensure the interior of your van isn't entirely covered in s**t by the time you think about reselling, or your lease / HPA time is up. These ones come in camouflage, making your seats invisible...



Fact: 3 seats triples spillage odds - we're just saying.

 These protective seat coverings for your Transit Custom are made in the UK, are easy to wash, fit snuggly over the Driver's armrest and come with Leatherette options too. A must have Transit "Accessory".


#8: Custom Aftermarket Rims. (RRP £689.00 - £10,000+)

Get your Transit a new set of shoes with the ultimate aesthetical upgrade - a decent set of rims. Depending on the trim level you've opted for, you may be inclined to keep the alloys. For everybody else, have a look at these bad boys...

Above: Not recommended for anyone who's Transit is exposed to cement or high kerbs...

 This company supplies alloys for virtually any budget & any size (15" - 20"). Most come with the option of colour customisation, so feel free to live out your Fast and Furious fantasies with a set of dayglo green rims...

It's all in the name. Alloy wheels are typically made of mixture of aluminium and magnesium, which provide a more durable and stronger material composition than pure metals. The more you know...



So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of Transit Accessories to get your juices flowing. From Transit Custom Seat Covers, to Transit tuning - and everything in between. We are in no way endorsing any of these products (aside from ours, of course...); we just think they might be of value to you and your van. Hopefully we've given you a few ideas on how, or how not, to spend your hard earned cash on your pride and joy.

If you'd like to know more about Unichip Europe's Tuning Options for the Ford Transit Custom or any of our Ford Range, take a look at our online shop for more information. 

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and we'll happily answer any of your queries.



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