The Ford Transit Custom has constantly been praised as being a surprisingly great van to drive, due to it's agility in the bends and Ford's latest EcoBlue diesel engine.

The midrange 170PS Edition develops 390Nm, with the top of the range 185PS developing 415Nm - more than enough to get you off the line, as well as making several German 4-door sedan owners feel silly at the traffic lights. 


Unichip Europe's Transit Showcase | (Read on for more...)

Our technicians have spent the past six months in Research & Development mode, creating a bespoke & incredibly powerful ECU multi-map Plug and Play Kit for the Ford Transit Custom 130/170 PS variants (#4 on our list...). 

And now, we've created a list of unique accessories to go with it. Enjoy!



1. Transit Custom Aftermarket Body Kits. (RRP £1,595)

You may opt for the Active, Trail or Sport Transit Custom for varying levels of factory exterior trim. 

Ford Transit Custom Body Kit - Unichip Blog

We'd recommend parking away from site... | Source: Xclusive Customz


But if you're looking to own a truly unique van, this company give you multiple options for your front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts & spoilers, allowing you to create your own distinctive look at a reasonable price.

You could just order the heftily priced MS-RT Transit Custom of course, which comes with a body kit as standard. I don't fancy getting plaster all over that expensive interior trim though.



2) Transit Custom ITG Induction Kit (RRP £435.00)

I mean, why not? 

Guaranteed to turn a few heads I reckon... 

We've test driven a few of these higher spec transits with our Unichip Modules installed*, and the sound of an aftermarket induction kit to match their power wouldn't go amiss - especially on the Sport Trim / MSRT Editions...

Grab one here.

*NOTE: If you're interested in adding engine hardware modifications for your Transit, you're easily able to get a Unichip Plug and Play Kit re-programmed at any of your local Unichip Dealers for a fractional price.



3) "Handpresso" Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker. (RRP £70.64+)

When we first came across the cigarette port-powered Handpresso machine, we couldn't justify the price.

handpresso car coffee unichip blog

Combine your passion for coffee with your unadulterated love of Transit vans.


How much do you spend on street chain coffee though?

Buy one cup from these chains a week and you've easily spent £15 in a month, or £180 a year.On one cup a week. How is that legal?

I'm no expert when it comes to making coffee in your van, but looking at their website listing, it'll do everything you'd expect it to. And now i've done the maths, i'd probably consider investing in one of these bad boys, too.  



4) Unichip Transit Custom 130/170PS Plug and Play ECU Kit (RRP £749.00+) 

Unichip Europe have developed Plug & Play Kits for the 130PS/170PS Custom engine variants. 

unichip transit plug and play ecu upgrade


Currently Available. 

 130PS Edition   +141Nm | +33.7 HP | 5 x Custom Maps.

     View Product Listing

170PS Edition   +156Nm | +43.3 HP | 5 x Custom Maps.

     View Product Listing


Both of these kits have been live-tuned in house on our Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road and have been extensively tested by us, to deliver the best tuning package on the market.

A combined average torque increase of +148.5 Nm is an incredible number. Increase fuel economy, take advantage of our anti-theft immobilizer app & our High - Torque / Towing Map, too.

Find out more about our maps here



5) Nekteck Car Mount Magnetic Phone Holder (RRP £10.58)

I could walk outside of my office and see 5 Transit drivers with their ear to a phone in the space of a minute.

magnetic phone holder unichip blog

£10.58 saves you a £200 fine & 6 points on your license...


If you're struggling to set up your Transit's CarPlay or need a more convenient (and less illegal) way of using your phone on the go, this is the way forward.

This one's adjustable, highly recommended & great value, too. 



BONUS: Steve North's £77,000 Bespoke Transit Supercamper.

This MS-RT (a Ford approved van tuner) Transit has been converted into a lavish Campervan, so it's complete with all the extra's you'd expect with the package, plus a whole host of bespoke customisations by Mr. North...

transit supercamper motor1

White seats in a camper van? Good luck with those baked beans.


There's a full kitchen, swivelling colour co-ordinated seats for added room, space for bedding and a starlit Alcantara headliner in the back.



That's on top of the full body kit, duel exhaust, anthracite 18" alloys & the rest of the MS-RT package. Nice.

All that's missing now is our Unichip Plug & Play Kit to compensate for the extra 5 tonnes of weight added...

You can read the full article on the Motor1 website.



7) Transit Protective Seat Covers (RRP £69.50)

A well kept Transit will retain it's value.

But if your seats are covered in mayonnaise, you might have a problem. (I hope those are mayonnaise stains...)


3 seats triple the chance of someone ruining your van, we're just saying.


These protective covers will also protect your investment or lease plan, as well as making your seats completely invisible in the process.

Made in the UK, easy to wash, fully compatible with Driver's armrest, folding central work tray & under seat storage. Leatherette options available, too. Find them here.



8) Aftermarket Wheels. (RRP £689.00 - £10,000+)

The ultimate aesthetical upgrade for your sporty transit. If you've kopped the Sport Trim, you may be inclined to keep the 18" Alloys that come with it. 

I'd go for the 20" Velares & spend the rest at *ahem* Unichip Europe.


Or, you could get 20" Alloys. For a 5 figure sum.

This company will supply you with 15" - 20" Alloys, for SWB + LWB Transit Variants, so you won't miss out. Their prices accommodate for virtually any budget, too.

Perfect for your show van, not so good on site. 



Hopefully we've given you a few ideas on how (or how not) to spend on your Transit Custom. 

My personal opinion? I would recommend you buy a Unichip Plug and Play Kit.

I'm paid to say that, though. But they are very good. 

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