1) Who are Unichip and why should I care?


Unichip was invented over 25 years ago, using the very latest in ECU tuning technology to provide a product incomparable to remapping services & chip tuning products alike. Currently distributed in 67 countries (and counting!) and well over 500,000 total units sold worldwide, we’ll provide your vehicle with a demonstrable power boost, the proven technology to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency & a whole host of features to completely transform your pride & joy.

Our technology is unique. Our performance gains are verifiable. Our anti-theft map ensures you a good night's sleep. 

The Unichip is a multipurpose module. It's more than just a remap.

Technical: "Unichip is a physical map based system that will track driver demand and RPM and manipulate those signals to increase fuel pressure and boost pressure in a very specific way. The Unichip can manipulate throttle maps, injection pump timing as well as manipulate spark timing on a petrol engine with total accuracy. It is only with Unichip and the ability to live tune your car that you can really see the effect each modification has to your vehicle."

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2) I’ve heard ECU remapping is dangerous; why are your products/services any different?

Unichip Europe’s philosophy is simple; we’ll only provide your vehicle with a performance boost that will not compromise your engine’s integrity. You’ll find an infinite list of less-than-reputable remapping ‘specialists’, who will give you an inflated performance figure that’ll have your engine running dangerously close to component failure, or who will simply not be truthful with the gains they’ve found.

Figures are often manipulated, and often, performance results do not reflect reality.

The likelihood of you recognising this before you 30-day money back guarantee expires in nominal, so we’d suggest doing your research…

3) If you can install the Unichip on 98% of vehicles; why aren’t car manufacturers utilising this technology already?

The answer to this is simple; major players in the auto manufacturing industry ship their products to several different locations & environments. Climatic conditions, variable fuel quality, service intervals & culturally different driving styles will affect every car differently – this form of standardisation is not viable for a worldwide audience.

The Unichip’s parameters are likely to be tuned differently in the United Arab Emirates, compared to the service provided here at Unichip Europe.

It's worth noting that 15,000 Unichip modules have been previously ordered by a prominent Japanese car manufacturer, too. 

Unichip Europe Frequently Asked Questions FAQ ECU remap chip tune  

4) I know that every vehicle is different – but can you give me a ballpark figure on the performance gains I’ll receive?

Yes. On turbo petrol & diesel vehicles, gains of 25% have been independently verified. Normal vehicles typically see gains of 8 – 10%, as measured by our state-of-the-art rolling road. However, we were recently able to extract over 30% peak horsepower & torque from a Land Cruiser 70-Series. We'll give you a rough quote on power should you enquire, but until your vehicle is in our hands, we can only speculate.

No two cars are the same, and how much we can extract from your car depends on the specifications and condition of your vehicle’s engine. You can check out our Case Study Portfolio, or get in contact with us for a rough estimate.

Be confident in that all power gains we find will not compromise your engine’s integrity; delivering performance upgrades safely is the Unichip Worldwide Family's priority. 

5) I like what I’m reading. Why would I need 5 map settings - and how will Unichip improve my vehicle & driving enjoyment?

The Unichip’s 5 map settings are unique and expertly tailored to the car in question. A BMW M3 will have radically different mapping routes than that of a Toyota Land Cruiser; both vehicles are built for different purposes, and as such, require a different selection of maps in order for optimal use of our product. Did you really need an off-road map on your Corsa?

We’ll provide a generalised selection of map settings for your vehicle type. Typically, you’ll receive a performance map & a fuel economy map, as well as your vehicle’s original map for future diagnostic purposes. 

(Read more on why our economy map is the best here)

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High / low boost, towing, off-road, speed restrictor, aggressive tuning, and our unique anti-theft maps are all available for you to pick and choose from. The Unichip is completely customisable, so it’s up to you and/or the discretion of the Unichip installer. We also offer an ever-growing selection of Plug and Play Kits, which will come with pre-determined map settings already fine-tuned to your vehicle’s needs.

To sum up, the Unichip will give you the tools needed for any situation. Power for the open roads, fuel economy for the daily commute and everything in between; a touch of a button or a tap on our app will provide an instantaneous characteristic change to your vehicle.

6) What happens to my vehicle’s original map?

Dependant on what module you choose to have installed will depend on what happens to your car’s original files. Typically, newer versions of the Unichip system will allow you to have up to 5 different map settings, with one of these files being the standard map your car came with. This is a vital component for vehicle diagnostics, so you can be assured that we’ll leave it completely untouched and have it selectable for the various situations you might need it in.

If you've selected one of our 'standard' plug & play kits, you needn't worry. The Unichip is designed as a piggyback system; your vehicle's ECU will read our map over your car's original file. 

7) Will the Unichip system permanently affect my vehicle?

No. The Unichip can be safely removed with ease and will never leave a trace on your car. If your vehicle is under warranty or acquired through a hire purchase agreement, you can be confident that Unichip will not tamper, change or leave any footprint on your car. Having said this, if you decide to upgrade, your Unichip module will be able to be re-programmed for a small fee & installed into your new vehicle.


unichip europe frequently asked questions faq ecu chip remap remapping

8) Will my Unichip installation affect my insurance?

We advise our customers to declare any modifications to your insurance company; however, they’re unlikely to be able to read the map tune. It is up to the discretion of the end-user (you).

9) Does the Unichip come Warranty?

Unichip Europe are happy offer a 30 day money back guarantee if we haven't delivered the service that both parties established before the install. In the unlikely event that you run into problems with your Unichip product, we'll do our best to assist & deal with your issue.

We are not liable for any costs incurred should there be catastrophic damages done to your vehicle. Saying that, this has not happened at Unichip Europe, and the modules we install & distribute are widely recognised to be a safe choice in the ECU tuning industry. 

Our qualified technicians at Unichip Europe HQ have well over 25 years experience in the endurance motorsport scene; working with many endurance 24-hour race car teams, we've established that 80% of motorsport success is down to reliability. Practice what you preach!

10) I couldn’t find the answer to my question.

No worries. You can contact us on Facebook or you can drop an email to info@unichipeurope.com, with the subject line “FAQ Unichip Query”

Alternatively, you may find all of our contact information here

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Unichip Europe & Dastek are committed to ensuring you get the very best out of your vehicle. We all share one thing in common - love for the open roads. Not only does the Unichip have application in making your driving experience more exhilarating, there are a whole tonne of practical & commercial uses for it too.

Take a look at our Unichip installation + tuning analysis video below!