What's the point of us giving you 5 pre-programmed selectable maps if you can't access them? 

We've got map switches for a variety of uses. But sometimes, having multiple options to choose from can make deciding what's best for you difficult.

In this short article, we've outlined what each of our Unichip map switches do, the benefits associated with each controller & what switch is ideal for you. 

1) The Key Fob Edition (£173.75) 

Unichip Europe - Key Fob Edition Map Switch

Our most sophisticated map switch. The Key Fob Edition is designed for those who would rather keep their car's interior free from any clutter, whilst still retaining the functionality of switching between desired maps on the fly.

The Unichip Module allows up to 5 separate maps to be programmed onto the module.

However, you'll notice there's 7 buttons on the Key Fob. The extra two buttons are designed to allow you to programme front gates and/or garages - so your keyring isn't mobbed with a million fobs. 

Did you know? The first radio-frequency remote key fob for use on vehicles was the Renault Fuego, manufactured in 1982.


Key Fob Edition - Features:

  • Up to 7 programmable buttons. 
  • Dirt / Dust resistant.
  • Secure immobiliser option. 
  • 3 coloured inserts included: Red | Grey | Blue.
  • Long range communication.
  • CR2032 battery replacement.
  • Installation in >60 seconds.

2) Bluetooth Map Switch Edition: Unichip Q/Q+ / Unichip X (£93.01 - £103.01)Unichip Europe Map Switch Bluetooth

Much like the Key Fob Edition, the Bluetooth Map Switch Edition was designed for those unwilling to install a physical switch in their pride and joy. Once the Bluetooth device is securely connected to your Unichip and you've downloaded the official free "UniMap" (pictured) application, you'll be able to access every programmed map your kit came with. 

The app is available for both OS & Android devices. If you've still got a Nokia brick phone, this switch probably isn't the one for you. Definitely.

Please note: The Unichip Q & Q+ Modules require this Bluetooth device, & the newer Unichip X Modules require this device.

Fun Fact: Bluetooth was named after King Harold Bluetooth of Denmark, famous for uniting parts of Norway & Denmark in 900AD  - much in the same way Bluetooth unites PC & Cellular industries with a short range wireless link. 


Bluetooth Map Switch Edition - Features:

  • Discreet switching - wireless & non intrusive.
  • Simple installation. 
  • List-view of all selectable maps.
  • Installation in >60 seconds.

3) The Rotary Switch Edition (£92.66)

Unichip Europe Rotary Map Switch Edition

If you intend to take your vehicle off-roading, on a race track or simply need to change between maps often, the Rotary Switch Edition is the one for you. User orientated, easy to use & our cheapest option.

Once mounted on your dashboard or somewhere conveniently in your vehicle, you'll be able to effortlessly switch between maps, with a little LED above each setting showing you which one is selected. 

This is ideal if you're wearing racing gloves or off-roading. You may switch non-chronologically, too - map 4 can easily be changed to map 2, to map 5 etc. 

Rotary Switch Edition - Features:

  • 5 positional dial. 
  • Dirt & dust resistant.
  • Ergonomic & functional design.
  • LED illuminated.
  • On-the-fly changes - easy to use.
  • Optimised, but not limited to motorsport usage.
  • Installation in >60 seconds.

4) Membrane Switch Edition (£103.55)

Unichip Europe - Membrane Map Switch Edition

Much like our Rotary Edition, the Membrane Map Switch Edition is also designed to be mounted within reach in your vehicle. Ideal for intense motorsport usage, it allows the user to quickly switch between their pre-programmed maps without much effort or attention - great if taking your eyes of the road for a split second could result in a serious accident. 

The LED illuminated numbers will light up dependant on which map you're on, it's incredibly easy & intuitive to use & is the easiest switch to handle with a pair of racing gloves on. 

With our Unichip installations on track-toys and race-tuned vehicles, the pre-programmed maps will often have incrementally more or less power going from map 1 to map 5, making this the perfect selection for those who spend their weekends off of the public roads.

Membrane Map Switch Edition - Features:

  • Dirt & Dust Resistant.
  • LED illuminated switch.
  • Simple & Functional design.
  • Optimised, but not limited to motorsport usage.
  • Installation in >60 seconds.

    There you have it. 4 different ways to access your programmed maps. Our recommendations for their usage are solely based on what the majority of our customers do with their kits.

You could use the Bluetooth switch on a race inspired vehicle; you could use the Key Fob edition for your 4x4 & all of your green-laning endeavours.

It's up to you!

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