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Track toys, hot hatches, tuners, 4x4's & performance vehicles - you name it, we've upgraded it. Find details on the versatile collection of vehicles we've installed our Unichip on here.

Works for redlinetuning and UK distributor or Unichip Europe

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Toyota Glanza V 4EFTE TD04 Unichip Q+

Pocket Rocket Forged TD04 221bhp 1.1 bar boost (stock head gasket)  more  

Toyota Supra 1JZ GTE Single Turbo

Converted from twin turbo to big single turbo  more  

Subaru Forester STI

+30% more power from a stock vehicle with 5 user switchable custom maps  more  

Ford Mustang 5.0 V8

5 switchable maps, increased power, torque and throttle response, immobiliser map, pops bangs and overrun map and economy maps all available.  more  

Morgan +4 2.0 Duratec

Increased BHP, Torque & throttle response  more  

Nissan Skyline R33 GTST high/low switchable maps

increased power, torque & drivability, high/low boost switchable maps.  more  

Subaru 2007 WRX, 5 selectable maps with Anti theft.

Plug and play 2007 Subaru Unichip with anti theft map  more  

Stock engine 201bhp@1.2 bar boost Toyota Glanza/Starlet

Impressive Toyota Glanza/Starlet stock engine td04 turbo 1.2 bar boost.  more  

Mercedes G wagon 20% more power and anti theft map.

Mercedes G wagon 5 switchable maps 20% more power, anti theft and economy maps.  more  

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