You need only google the question "ECU remap or Tuning Box" to find a LITERALLY endless stream of tuners all shouting over each other. Fortunately for you, we’ll answer it for you right now.

Ultimately, it depends what you want from your car’s modification!

So... we’ve identified 5 problems with ECU remapping, and pitted them up against our very own Unichip Module. 

1) Custom Tune...?

On the whole, most ECU remap specialist claims of a custom tune for your vehicle are extremely misleading, and in some cases, not true at all.

In order to carry out a COMPLETE custom calibration, labour expenses will typically accumulate to thousands of pounds.

What the tuner REALLY means, is that a known calibration will be applied to your ECU software. They may alter the target AFR’s (air fuel ratios) at full throttle, or may even increase the target boost.

What they won’t be able to do is tune every varying driving condition in real time – that is – ignition timing, boost pressure, throttle opening, boost solenoid duty, torque limitations, to name just a few parameters.

Fortunately for you… this is all possible with Unichip installed into your vehicle!

2) Warranty Killers.

Despite every tuner telling you otherwise, ANY form of ECU mapping will affect your warranty.

And these days, many car owners don’t really own their car at all. Figures from the Finance and Leasing Association showed that in April 2019, British consumers finance more than 948,000 vehicles, with a combined value of almost £19.4 billion. And that’s just the UK alone!

ECU remapping runs a substantial risk of seriously impacting your financial investment.

Perhaps this is why our Plug & Play kits have become so popular in recent years. Our Unichip harnesses enable our customers to simply unplug the whole unit when it’s time to swap-in your leased vehicle – with no trace of any modification.

3) Remap vs. Reuse?

Building your own project car? Think very carefully…


You’ve inherited your mum’s old Suzuki Swift, and your first thought is to turn it into a feisty little track day number. Great!

You reach out to Dave, the mobile ECU re-mapper you’ve seen on Facebook. He gives you an extra 40BHP and off you go.

But what happens when you want a new exhaust system? Or to add a supercharger? Your ‘custom map’ you’ve just forked out hundreds for now doesn’t account for the modifications you’ve added. Thanks Dave!

We see many track day cars (as well as Suzuki Swifts for that matter!) in and out our garage every month. They’ve all got the Unichip in common. Our system can be remapped and retuned, tailored to your car’s modification.

Best of all… you could then remove the Unichip & reprogram it for your next vehicle!

4) Running faults & diagnostic headaches.

It’s common for remapped vehicles to cause difficulties when trying to diagnose running faults. At our HQ at Redline Tuning, we regularly get asked to restore vehicles back their original ECU files to diagnose running concerns.

And you spent how much on a reflash?!

The Unichip can quickly be removed to help the service techy repair your vehicle with ease. Furthermore, our system is unaffected by main agents carrying out ECU software updates. So, no need to worry!

5) Limitations.

Many ECU reflash specialists remap for performance, fuel economy or in some cases, both. So in many cases, your reflash will not only improve your top speed and performance, it’ll make your vehicle more efficient.

However, ECU tuning boxes such as the Unichip are extremely sophisticated and, as such, are able to offer you a more feature rich solution to improving your vehicle.

The Unichip can store up to 5 different selectable maps, tailored to your vehicle. Better yet, these maps are remotely switchable through a device of your choice. Choose from interior switches, remote key fobs and even an OS & Android friendly app, downloaded to your smartphone.

We’ve a number of different maps available, too. Anti-theft, high/low boost, performance, fuel economy, towing, off-road maps and many more are at your disposal – and at your fingertips!

Check out our ever-growing list of Unichip installations over on our Case Study Blog.

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