BMW 330D E46 1999 - 02 | Plug & Play Kit (Standard Edition)

Dastek Unichip

( PP54CBMW01.0C )


Unichip Europe's Plug & Play Kit for the BMW 330D E46 3.0 L M57 inline-6 (1999 - 2002) - Standard Edition.

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Unichip Europe's Plug & Play Kit for the E46 330D is great for retro BMW enthusiasts looking for a bit more power - but it's the perfect addition to any project car.

Whether you're creating a sleeper, show car or a drift build, your pre-programmed Unichip will deliver another +70 ft-lbs of torque, and an extra +34 hp. 

Buying this product entitles you to 10% off re-programming your module, so when your project is finished (if a project car is ever...), you'll be able to have it retuned to have all of those components working in perfect harmony, with the perfect tune.


Typical Performance Output.

Peak power increase: 181.0 hp > 215.0 hp.

   (+34 hp)

Maximum torque increase: 287.6 ft-lbs > 361.4 ft-lbs.

   (+73.8 ft-lbs / + 101.1 Nm)


What's Included.

1 x Unichip 'Q' Module.

1 x Plug and Play Wiring Harness.

1 x Pre-programmed Performance map.



Please double check your existing ECU's connections, cross-referencing them with the picture's we've provided, to ensure the connections will fit.

 Please note: This is the last kit for this vehicle we will mass produce. It is unlikely that we'll be creating another, unless by special request.


Unichip BMW 330d e46

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