Map Switch (Bluetooth) - Unichip Q / Q+

( Qbluetoothmapswitch )


The Bluetooth Map Switch Edition, designed for the Unichip Q / Q+ modules, is compatible with any iOS / Android device.

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Overview | Unichip Bluetooth Edition Map Switch [For: Unichip Q / Q+ Modules]

  • If you're considering purchasing one of our Unichip Premium Plug & Play Kits, you'll need a map switch to access the 5 pre-programmed maps stored on your module.  
  • This Bluetooth Edition map switch solely works with Unichip Q & Q+ modules - which have now been superseded by the Unichip X Module. If you've still got access to one of our older modules, you'll need this Bluetooth receiver to go "hands free".
  • Designed as a less intrusive way of switching between your Unichip's pre-programmed maps, this module / receiver allows the user to connect their Android or iOS device directly to their Unichip. Simply download the "UniMaps" application from your store & pair your device to connect. Your product's serial number & password are provided with your purchase.
  • This product is perfect for those who do not wish to have an internally mounted map switch. 


Features | Bluetooth Edition Map Switch [Q/Q+]

  • Compatible with both iOS & Android Devices.  
  • Remote control / connection.  
  • Editable map names.  
  • Discreet Switching.  
  • Simple 60 second installation.  
  • Compatible with both Q & Q+ Modules.  


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