Ford Ranger Raptor / Wildtrak 2018 - Present | Plug & Play Kit (Premium Edition)

Dastek Unichip

( Ford2RangerBiTurbo )


Unichip Europe's plug and play tuning kit for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak / Ranger - Raptor 2.0L 213PS EcoBlue Bi-turbo Edition (2018 - Present).

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"The results are incredible ... The whole truck completely transforms, the throttle response improves, turbo lag is hugely reduced and the acceleration capability is increased"  

- J. Connolly (Unichip X / '19 Ranger Owner)




The Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L 213 Auto is one of the UK's best selling pickup trucks.

With our pre-programmed Unichip module installed, you'll receive a 20.42% increase in power, with a torque gain of 71.3 ft-lbs, totalling to around 440 ft-lbs of torque @ 2,400 RPM. 

Coincidentally, this is the same peak torque figure for the 2019 – 2021 Hennessey VelociRaptor Ford Ranger (440 ft-lbs @ 3,800 RPM)...

So, if you've picked up the competitively priced Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L 213, now's your opportunity to make it feel like a VelociRaptor, with some more added performance & security features, for a fraction of the price.

This product is suitable for both the Ford Ranger Raptor Pickup & Ford Ranger Wildtrak 213 (2.0L Bi-turbo engine).


Typical Performance Output.

Maximum torque increase: 368.7 ft-lbs > 440.0 ft-lbs

    (+71.3 ft-lbs / +96.7 Nm)

Maximum power increase: 212.8 hp > 254.1 hp

    (+41.3 hp / +20.42%).

MPG Yield: + 7 - 12 MPG. 


What's Included.

1 x Unichip 'X' Module. 

1 x Plug and Play Harness.

5 x Pre-programmed maps*: Anti-theft | Standard | Economy | Day to Day | Performance.

What do these maps do?


*In order to access these maps, you'll also need to purchase a Map Switch. (See suggested items below).


Want to know more about how we tuned this product? Read our installation blog here.

We state a 7 - 12 MPG yield. If you averaged +9.5 MPG over 10,000 miles, you'd save upwards of £250 annually on fuel.

Please double check your existing harness to ensure connections will fit your vehicle's ECU.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does this kit take to install?

Typically, installation will take you 30 - 45 minutes to install. Installation is simple and is able to be carried out on your driveway with limited mechanical experience. 

What power gains am I likely to expect? 

Expect a slight deviation to our figures on older vehicles (+5% / -5%). Your power gains will depend on the condition of your engine. Our figures are found from our accurate in-house 4WD rolling road. Complete transparency. Competitor products are likely to claim higher power outputs, with little to no evidence of being tested. Be careful!

Is this product safe for my vehicle?

Yes. Unichip Europe's kits are tuned with your engine's integrity in mind. Our product integrates with your engine / turbos - power is always delivered safely, and in most cases, a good engine tune will improve your engine's longevity.

Will this product leave any trace on my vehicle? 

No. The product unplugs from your ECU, leaving no trace. Perfect for vehicles on lease / finance, or those concerned about making permanent changes to their vehicles.

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