Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2020 | Plug & Play Kit (Premium Edition)

Dastek Unichip


Unichip Europe's plug and play tuning kit for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L 213PS EcoBlue (2020).

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Tired of being bullied online for buying a Pickup with a 2.0L engine? I would be. 

Make no mistake though, the EcoBlue bi-turbo diesel engine packs a serious punch & will cater for virtually everybody's 4x4 needs.

But what if you are not everybody? 



  • 1 x Unichip 'X' Module. 
  • 1 x Plug and Play Harness Kit.
  • 5 x Custom Maps: Anti-theft, Standard, Performance, Economy & Off-road / Towing.

Typical Performance Output

  • 211 BHP > 254.1 BHP.
  • 368.7 Ft-lbs > 440.0 Ft-lbs.

Unichip Europe have developed an ECU Plug & Play Kit, that'll give you a peak power increase of 20.42%, & a torque boost of +71.3 FT-LBs. Designed with you in mind, and to get the best out of that 10-speed automatic gearbox, we've developed this kit to ensure it does not compromise your engine's integrity by only delivering power your engine is safely able to handle.

As with all of our ultimate edition kits, you'll have 5 switchable maps at your disposal. The performance map will give you everything. The off-road & towing map will deliver low-end RPM torque, right where you need it. 

Despite security being at the forefront of major vehicle manufactures today, vehicle theft is still on the increase and has become a prominent societal problem. Once you've activated Unichip's 'Anti-theft' map, your vehicle will not turn over, despite the key being in the ignition.

So. That's a safely delivered power & torque boost, an added level of security, & something to talk about now the pubs are back open. Nice one!

IMPORTANT: For you to be able to access the different map settings for this kit, you'll need an accompanying map switch. You can find our range here.

Please double check your harness to ensure connections fit. 



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