Map Switch - Key Fob Edition

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The Key Fob Edition map switch is used to switch between your multi - map Unichip Module's programmed maps.

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- 7 programmable options available.

- Wireless map selection.

- 3 x Colour inserts (red, grey, blue).

- Long range communication.

- Battery operated.

- Simple installation.


Product Overview:

If you've purchased (or are in the process of) one of Unichip Europe's "Premium / Ultimate" Plug & Play ECU Tuning Kits, then you'll need to grab a switching device in order to access your pre-programmed maps!

Unichip Europe's Key Fob Edition map switch is designed to be one of more less intrusive options to switch between your preferred programmed maps. Those who have more luxurious vehicles or who are concerned with ruining the interior feel with an internal map switch usually opt for the Key Fob Edition.

"Premium / Ultimate" editions of our Plug and Play ECU tuning kits feature 5 maps, all of which are programmed onto this fob. There are another 2 programmable buttons available for you to use. Garage doors and outside gates can all be programmed to open and close with this switch, making this switch edition the one stop shop for those fortunate enough to have access to off-road storage.

The Key Fob Edition Switch is powered by a CR2032 battery, available to purchase in all high street retailers. Also comes with a choice of 3 coloured switch overlays to match your vehicle (Red | Grey | Blue).

To get the most from your "anti - theft" map, the Unichip Europe team recommend using this switch to optimise your vehicle's security.

The more "stylish" means of switching between your preferred Unichip maps. Easy to use, discreet, installs in under 60 seconds and available for use with all Unichip Modules & kits. 

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