Map Switch - Key Fob Edition

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The Key Fob Edition map switch is used to switch between your multi - map Unichip Module's programmed maps.

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Overview | RF Key Fob Unichip Map Switch

  • If you're considering purchasing one of our Unichip Premium Plug & Play Kits, you'll need a map switch to access the 5 pre-programmed maps stored on your module. 
  • The RF Key Fob map switch is designed to be our most prestigious & functional means of switching between your Unichip Module's pre-programmed maps. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, two of which can be programmed for use on garage doors & house gates, you're able to control both your Unichip Device & any other Bluetooth functioning device in the palm of your hand.
  • This map switch is also designed to be our least intrusive switching device - no interior modifications are necessary. Perfect for those with high-end vehicles, those concerned with the look and feel of a physical switch & who wish to make the best use of their anti-theft maps.


Features | RF Key Fob Map Switch

  • 7 programmable buttons (5 | 2).  
  • Dirt & Dust Resistant.  
  • On - the - fly map Switching.  
  • Long range communication.  
  • CR2032 battery operated (widely available).  
  • 3 x Colour inserts (Red | Grey | Blue).  
  • Works with all Unichip Module & Kits.  
  • Installation in under 60 seconds.  


Order contents:

  • 1 x RF Fob Map Switch. 
  • 1 x RF Receiver. 
  • 3 x Rubber Colour Inserts (above).


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