Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series 1998 - 02 | Unichip ECU Tuning Box

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An additional 40.0 HP & 140.0 FT-LBS can be found with our 98 - 02 Land Cruiser ECU Tuning Box, as well as access to 5 versatile & unique to Unichip map settings - available to switch in real time.

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Horsepower Gain: 167.9 HP >> 195.7 HP | +16.6%
Torque Gain: 300.0 LB-FT >> 440 LB-FT | +46.7%
MPG Gain: 7 - 12 MPG | Economy Map
5 x Maps: Premium / Deluxe Editions
Peak HP Gain: +40HP @ 2.5k RPM
Suitable For:

1998 - 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series "Amazon" 1HD-FTE.  

Note: Please phisicaly check your ECU plugs before ordering. See PDF at the bottom of this page.  

Land Cruiser 100 Series "Amazon" | Unichip ECU Tuning Kit

  • Unichip Europe's Land Cruiser Tuning Boxes / Kits are our most popular device we stock on our shop - and for good reason. We're able to extract a massive +140 LB-FT of Torque and an additional +40 Horsepower from your 4.2L engine, completely transforming drivability as well as offering up to 5 practical maps available to switch to in real time, or "on the fly".
  • Developed in house and meticulously tested on our 4WD Rolling Road, our tuning kit uses the latest Unichip X Module - the ultimate multi - processor ECU tuning tool. 
  • The Land Cruiser 100 Series "Amazon" Unichip ECU Tuning Kit is completely safe to use and poses 0 (zero) risk to your engine's mechanical components. This product has been meticulously refined & tested, promising you the ultimate driving experience. 
  • Installation guides can be found in our "Useful Links & Buying Information" Section below.

What does each Unichip map do?

#1: Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map. 

  • (Premium/ Deluxe) The Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map is an intuitive means of deterring thieves from stealing your vehicle. When active, your ignition will turn over, but there will be no throttle response when the pedal is pressed. The sound of your engine idling outside of your house will spook potential thieves. No thief is staying inside a running car they can't move. Best used in conjunction with the Bluetooth or Key Fob Edition map switching devices.

#2: Stock / Standard Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) Every Premium or Deluxe tuning box / device that Unichip create is able to access your existing ECU's original tuning file. This is a great resource for any engine diagnostics you may need to run - there's no need to unplug your Land Cruiser Tuning Kit to do this! This is especially useful for the 100 Series, as your kit will be installed behind your vehicle's glovebox.
  • It's also a fantastic means of comparison for the extra power increase, not only to remind yourself of the "night and day" difference - but off your newly found power to unsuspecting passengers.

#3: Economy Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) Unichip Europe's Economy Maps are completely unique to rudimentary tuning devices. Why? They recognise and eliminate any of your sudden throttle pedal movements, ensuring acceleration response is as smooth as possible. In most cases, the only thing stopping you from being an economical driver is the person behind the wheel.
  • Following this, the Unichip Economy Map will give you more power, lower down in the rev range. This, in turn, allows you to reach cruising speed more efficiently.
  • An added failsafe - if the Economy map is active and you put your foot right down on the accelerator, the Unichip recognises this as you potentially being in danger (you might need to move to avoid traffic etc.) - the Economy Map's configuration changes and will give you more power. 

#4: Off - Road / Towing Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) More often than not, customer's purchasing our Land Cruiser ECU Tuning Boxes require extra power to aid towing large trailers / horse boxes etc. There's also a cult following of individuals using their Cruisers for greenlaning & general off-road use.
  • This map, once active, grants the user significantly more power, lower in the rev range. This makes setting off with a large load easier, makes sharp inclines more manageable, and off-road pursuits significantly easier to overcome.

#5: Performance Map. 

  • (Standard / Premium / Deluxe) All of the power, across the entire rev range. Refer to our dyno graph to visualise power output. This map is typically the reason why the majority of road users buy a tuning device. We're able to extract a significant amount of power from your 1HD-FTE engine - but fear not; this is at no risk of your gearbox or mechanical components.



Included in your Order:

  • 1 x Pre - Programmed Unichip 'X' Module.
  • 1 x Plug and Play Wiring Harness.
  • 1 | 5 x Pre - Programmed Maps ( 1 x Standard | 5 x Premium / Deluxe)

Customer Reviews:

"I am based in Kenya, Africa. ordered a Plug & Play Unichip for my 100 series Landcruiser 1HD-FTE. Ordering process was brilliant - the guys at Unichip Europe made it so easy for me. I had a few questions which I got answers to straight away. I fitted it myself - took half an hour. I had a question on the day of fitting - and emailed them and I was shocked to receive a reply in less than 5 mins - that's what you call customer service! As for the product, I seriously dont have enough words for it. Just gobsmacked. It has unleashed some serious power on the 1HD-FTE especially at low revs. Car pulls like a train and just keeps going going going. I wish I had done this sooner!"  - P. Shah | Land Cruiser Amazon Unichip Tuning Kit Owner.

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Useful Links and Buyer Information:

Important Notes (Read):

  • You'll need to purchase a map switch in order to switch between your pre - programmed maps. Browse our range here, or refer to the guide above for more information.
  • Please read the PDF at the bottom of this page to ensure you order the correct kit.
  • If your vehicle has a conventional actuator-controlled wastegate turbo instead of a VNT turbo, we'd recommend the use of a boost control kit. Identify your turbo type here.

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Please read to ensure you order the correct kit for your Landcruiser.

Why Choose Unichip for your Land Cruiser?

Land Cruiser ECU remapping is notoriously difficult - and even more difficult to do it correctly.

Unichip Europe pride themselves on assembling, tuning and delivering the most versatile and powerful diesel tuning boxes for the Land Cruiser "Amazon" 100 Series on the market. If you've done your research (which we're sure you have), you'll have noticed the majority of competitor multi - map tuning boxes for the Land Cruiser series will only offer maps that slightly increase power output, which, if we're being honest, are pretty useless.

This is where Unichip Europe step in. Each of our maps have been meticulously crafted to deliver a unique driving experience. They're not only different from each other - they each have a real world benefit designed to increase vehicle security, drastically improve fuel economy, increase towing / off-road capability and deliver an unparalleled performance map. 

Our self fit Land Cruiser tuning kits are designed to be as simplistic as possible to install. We've done all of the wiring and hard work for you - all you need to do is follow our manual, plug in the Unichip connections and you're away!

So, if you're considering improving the drivability of your Land Cruiser through engine tuning, you needn't look further. 

We're proud of what we create. Revolutionise your Land Cruiser today!

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