Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 2015 - 2021 | Plug and Play ECU Tuning Kits

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Unichip Europe's Plug & Play tuning kits for the facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser 200 4.5L 1VD-FTV (2015 - 2020 - post DPF) - Premium Edition.

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  • Unichip Europe have developed an incredible performance tuning package for the 2015 - 2021 Land Cruiser 200 Series Models (Post DPF) - using the latest Unichip X module coupled with our D8D overdrive module. We've managed to safely extract +50HP & 235 LB-FT, equating to a torque figure increase of 51.2%!
  • We've also created a "budget friendly" version, which comes pre-programmed with 5 maps, but without the D8D Driver Module.
  • This performance tuning solution for the Facelifted Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series has been meticulously tested on our in house 4WD rolling road, as well as being developed by some of the most talented tuner's residing in the UK.
  • This product is completely safe to use and poses no detrimental risk to your engine's mechanical components.
  • Please note: In order to use our multi-map system, you'll need to purchase a map switch. See below. 

Available Options:

#1: LC200 "Ultimate" Tuning Edition (£1287.99)

The Ultimate Tuning Edition includes a pre-programmed Unichip X Module & a D8D Driver Module connected to the wiring harness. Simply plug this into your existing ECU Harness.

  • Map Selection: Anti Theft | Standard | Economy | High - Torque / Towing | Performance.
  • Contains: Custom Wiring Harness, Unichip X Module, D8D Driver Module, 5 x Pre-programmed maps.
  • Horsepower Gains: 232.0 HP  330.0 HP (+98 HP / +42.2%)
  • Torque Gains: 450.3 LB-FT  685.1 LB-FT (+234.8 LB-FT / +52.1%)


#2 LC200 "Budget" Tuning Edition (£879.99)

The Budget Tuning Edition includes everything the Ultimate Edition does, but without the D8D Driver Module attached to the product. This driver significantly increases power output. 

  • Map Selection: (See Above)
  • Contains: Custom Wiring Harness, Unichip X Module, 5 x Pre-programmed maps.
  • Horsepower Gains: 232.0 HP  282.0 HP (+50HP / +21.6%)
  • Torque Gains: 450.3 LB-FT  553.1 LB-FT (+102.8 LB-FT / +22.8%)

Pre-Programmed Unichip Maps:

#1: Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map. 

  • The Immobilizer Map is an intuitive means of deterring potential thieves from your vehicle. Once active, this map negates all throttle input at the pedal, rendering your vehicle immobile upon start up. This map is best combined with our Bluetooth Edition Switch or Key Fob Edition Switch for maximum security.

#2: Stock / Standard Map.

  • Your vehicle's existing ECU file remains untouched during the entire tuning process, and is able to still be selected through the use of our remote switch. This is handy for any engine diagnostics you may wish to run, and also serves as a brilliant comparison against you new found power.

#3: Economy Map.

  • The Unichip's Economy Map is extremely different from competitor maps; as well as making more efficient use of your engine, it also eliminates the one variable stopping you from attaining the best fuel economy - you. Simply put, the integrated technology behind the Economy Map negates all sudden throttle pedal movements inputted to create a smoother acceleration curve - creating an economy tune that actually works in the real world. 

#4 High Torque / Towing Map.

  • Our High Torque / Towing Map makes more power available low down in the rev range, allowing you to set off with heavy loads easier, tackle sharp inclines more effectively, as well as making off-road endeavours much more manageable. 

#5 Performance Map.

  • All of the power, across the entire rev range. Our performance map is expertly written to deliver and uncompromised tune - unrivalled by anyone else. When it comes to the LC200, the margin for power improvement & sheer durability of that massive V8 engine promises very noticeable improvements to torque, power & driveability.

What's included?

  • 1 x Unichip 'X' Module.
  • 1 x D8D Injector Overdrive Module (Ultimate Edition Only)
  • 1 x Pre-assembled Wiring Harness
  • 5 x Pre - Programmed Maps (See Above) 

Important Notes:

  • In order to access your multiple maps, you'll need to purchase an accompanying map switch to render them active / useful.

Unichip Map Switches  

  • Please cross reference the pictures we have provided of connection plugs with your 200 Series' existing ECU harness, to ensure these connections will fit. Please also check your injector driver in the engine bay, as this kit is for the 4 & 3 Plug Injector Driver.
  • Considering engine hardware modifications? The Unichip can be re-programmed by us for a nominal fee to accommodate for a more apt engine - for an even better spirited drive!
  • The Unichip Q4 (As pictured) has now been superseded by the more powerful Unichip X module. Please do not be alarmed if the module you receive is different to the one pictured.

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