Map Switch - Membrane Edition


( membranemapswitch )


The internally mounted Unichip Membrane Switch is used to switch between your multi - map Unichip Module's programmed maps.

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Overview | Membrane Edition Unichip Map Switch

  • If you're considering purchasing one of our Unichip Premium Plug & Play Kits, you'll need a map switch to access the 5 pre-programmed maps stored on your module.  
  • The Membrane Edition Unichip map switch is designed as an easy and intuitive means of switching between your Unichip's pre-programmed maps. Mounted internally, the Membrane Edition features 5-way chronological switching via the use of LED illuminated "up" & "down" buttons. Dependant upon which map you've selected, a number on the switch will also illuminate, to ensure you know what map the Unichip Module is in. It's metal casing is also magnetic, meaning that it'll attach to most aftermarket phone case holders.


Features | Membrane Map Switch

  • 5 - Way chronological switching.  
  • Dirt & dust resistant.  
  • On - the - fly map switching.  
  • Internally mounted.  
  • LED illuminated buttons & numbers.  
  • Works with all Unichip Module & Kits. 


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