Map Switch - Membrane Edition


( membranemapswitch )


The internally mounted Unichip Membrane Switch is used to switch between your multi - map Unichip Module's programmed maps.

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- Chronological 5 - way positional switch.

- LED illuminated numbering. 

- "On - the - fly" map switching.

- Dirt & Dust Resistant. 

- Internally mounted.


Product Overview:

If you've purchased (or are in the process of) one of Unichip Europe's "Premium / Ultimate" Plug & Play ECU Tuning Kits, then you'll need to grab a switching device in order to access your pre-programmed maps!

Unichip Europe's Membrane Edition Map Switch is designed to be an easy to use & intuitive way of switching between your Unichip Module's pre-programmed maps. Mounted internally, the Membrane Edition can be attached onto your vehicle's dashboard, or can be placed on an aftermarket magnetic phone placeholder for ease of access.

Switching made easy. One of five LEDs will illuminate dependant on what map is currently active. The Membrane Edition features two "UP / DOWN" buttons, allowing for chronological switching in real time.

Designed to use in conjunction with any Unichip Kit / Module. Installation takes 60 seconds.

Best seller. One of the more practical map switches Unichip Europe stock.

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