Map Switch - Rotary Edition

( rotarymapswitch )


The Unichip Rotary Switch is used to switch between your multi - map Unichip Module's programmed maps. Internally mounted.

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Overview | Rotary Edition Unichip Map Switch

  • If you're considering purchasing one of our Unichip Premium Plug & Play Kits, you'll need a map switch to access the 5 pre-programmed maps stored on your module.  
  • The Rotary Edition Unichip map switch is designed to be mounted on your vehicle's centre console, or somewhere close to hand inside your vehicle. It's non-intrusive & sleek black design means it'll comfortably suit almost any vehicle's interior styling. It's LED illuminated & features a grooved dial - perfect for those on-the-fly changes. It's metal casing is magnetic, meaning that it can be mounted on most magnetised phone holders.


Features | Rotary Map Switch

  • 5 positional rotary dial / switch.  
  • LED illuminated numbers.  
  • Dirt & dust resistant.  
  • Motorsport gloves / usage friendly.  
  • Practical & cost-effective.  
  • Non intrusive design.  
  • Works with all Unichip Modules & Kits.  


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