Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (2015) | Plug & Play Kit - Ultimate Edition

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Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (aka 'Prado'; 2015) - Ultimate Edition.

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The Ultimate Plug and Play kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 150 'Prado' (engine code: 2.8cc 1GD-FTV) is our choice tuning kit, demonstrating the latest in our technology with the Unichip X module.

A 23% increase in peak power, an extra 80.0 Ft-lbs of torque & our famous 'anti-theft' map will cater for everything life on and off the roads throws at you - anything from traversing harsh terrain, to deterring thieves.


Typical performance output

  • 141.8 HP > 179.5 HP*. (+23%
  • 315.0 Ft-lbs > 395.0 Ft-lbs. (+22.5%)

Your kit will include: 

  • 1 x Unichip X Module. 
  • 1 x Unichip D8D Injector Driver Module. 
  • 1 x Plug & Play Harness. 
  • 5 x Custom Maps - Anti-theft | Standard | Economy | Towing / Off-road | Performance

2015 saw Toyota give the Prado it's first new diesel engine in 9 years. Although smaller, it was more powerful than the engine it replaced, with a 6th ratio added to the automatic gearbox. It's unsurprising that the Prado has genuine 4WD off-road ability, but is more commonly used for taking the kids to school. Saying that, second-hand buyers are far more likely to test the Prado in all its glory.

So, in 2021, you could say that the Land Cruiser 150 has a multitude of uses, and a new (albeit dirtier) lease of life. And with Unichip Europe's Ultimate Edition kit, i'm sure you can find a few more...

Our Live-Tune Installation Case Study for the LC150. 

*Unichip Europe's accurate in-house dyno concluded that maximum power output was 141.8 HP. This particular model had an off-road wheels variant, increasing rolling resistance on our dyno by 22%.

Please note: The Harness will differ to those advertised on our shop. *Please* refer to the Plug Pin diagram provided to ensure the connections will fit!

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