Toyota LC 300 2021

( PPland300.3.3 )


Unichip Europe's Plug & Play kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 3.3L v6 Diesel 2021 premium Edition.

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This plug & play fits the Land Cruiser 300 Diesel model.

What's included?

1) Unichip X module.

2) Plug and play harness.

3) 1 x Stainless steel mounting bracket.

TOY300.1X - This kit comes complete with mounting brackets for uniX and Harness.

                   It does not come with a map selector, instead it makes use of oem drive mode select button to change between 4 maps.

                   Power gains are impressive with a 50kw gain and 150nm of extra torque.

                   Standard turbo switch-over (flatspot) between 2000rpm and 2400rpm is eliminated and drivability improved.

Anti theft map coming soon. Not available yet on this model. 


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