TOY LC V8 D4D | ULT Kit | MY: 2012

Dastek Unichip PP26BTOY20.3X


A plug & play tuning kit to fit the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 4.5L 1VD-FTV V8 D4D, for models manufactured in 2012.

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The Ultimate Plug and Play kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 4.5L (1VD-FTV V8) is our choice tuning kit, demonstrating the latest in Unichip technology with the Unichip X module.

It will allow for up to a 26% increase in power & up to 35% increase in torque. For models manufactured in 2012. 


  • The latest Unichip X Module. 
  • The Unichip D8D Injector Driver Module. 
  • Plug & Play Harness. 
  • 5 x Custom Maps - Anti-theft | Standard | Economy | Towing / Off-road | Performance

Typical performance output: 

  • 202BHP > 255BHP. 
  • 317.1 Ft-lbs > 427.7 Ft-lbs. 

IMPORTANT: For you to be able to access the different map settings for this kit, you'll need an accompanying map switch. You can find our range here.

Please double check your harness to ensure connections fit. 

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