Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series (2012+) | Plug & Play Kit (Ultimate Edition)

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( PP26BTOY20.3X )


Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series V8 D4D Pickup (2012+) - Ultimate Edition.

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The Ultimate Plug and Play kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 4.5L (engine code: 1VD-FTV V8) is our choice tuning kit, demonstrating the latest in our technology with the Unichip X module.

Allowing for up to a 26% increase in peak power, and a 35% increase in torque, this really is the ultimate add-on for your 79-series. Our performance gains are always delivered safely - your engine's integrity is our first priority. 

True to their names - our Plug and Play kits are simple to install.


Typical Performance Output:

 Peak power output: 202 BHP > 255 BHP.

   (+53 HP)

 Maximum torque output: 317.1 Ft-lbs > 427.7 Ft-lbs.

   (+110.6 Ft-lbs / +149.9 Nm)

What's Included:

1 x Unichip 'X' Module.

1 x Unichip D8D Injector Driver Module.

 1 x Unichip Plug and Play Harness.

 5 x Pre-Programmed Maps*: Anti-theft | Standard | Economy | Towing / Off-road | Performance.

What do these maps do?


You can read more about our live-tune for this vehicle by reading our installation blog.

 *In order for you to control the 5 pre-programmed maps, you'll also need to purchase a map switch from our store (see below).

Please examine your vehicle's original ECU harness before purchasing to ensure the connections will fit.



Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does this kit take to install?

Typically, installation will take you 1hr - 1hr 30m to install. Installation is simple and is able to be carried out on your driveway with limited mechanical experience. 

What power gains am I likely to expect? 

Whilst we strive to deliver exactly what we quote, there will always be a slight deviancy on the figures due to your engine's condition (+5 / -5%).

Our figures are found by us from our accurate in-house 4WD rolling road. Complete transparency. 

Is this product safe for my vehicle?

Yes. Unichip Europe's kits are tuned with your engine's integrity in mind. Our product integrates with your engine / turbos - power is always delivered safely, and in most cases, a good engine tune will improve your engine's longevity.

Will this product leave any trace on my vehicle? 

No. The product unplugs from your ECU, leaving no trace. Perfect for vehicles on lease / finance, or those concerned about making permanent changes to their vehicles.

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