Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series (2012+) | Plug & Play Kit (Ultimate Edition)

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Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 70-series V8 D4D Pickup (2012+) - Ultimate Edition.

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Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series | Unichip ECU Tuning Kit

  • Unichip Europe's Land Cruiser Tuning Packages have quickly become the market leaders in terms of power, reliability & power-to-cost ratio. The Land Cruiser 79 Series ECU Tuning Kit is no different. Using the Unichip Module (Piggyback ECU), we're able to safely extract an additional 35% increase in torque, as well as a 26% increase in horsepower, too.
  • Following this, our Land Cruiser 79 Series Tuning Kit (engine code: 1VD-FTV V8)  enables the user access to 5 unique-to-vehicle calibrations - which have been meticulously tested & made on our in-house 4WD Rolling Road. These maps are pre-programmed on the Unichip Module you order, and each offer a different driving experience to maximise your Land Cruiser experience.
  • This product is a Plug & Play Kit - you'll need very limited mechanical / engine electronic experience to install it yourself!

Performance | Power Gains & Additions.

Horsepower Gain: 202.0HP  255.0HP | +53HP.

Torque Gain: 317.1 LB-FT   427.7 LB-FT | +110.6 LB-FT.

MPG Gain: 7 - 12 MPG. [Economy Map]

5 x Maps: Anti - Theft | Standard | Economy | Towing / Off-road | Performance.

What does each map do?

#1: Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map:

  • Once active, Unichip Europe's Anti - Theft Map negates all throttle response from your accelerator pedal. Simply put, your ignition will turn over, but your vehicle will not move. This is an intuitive means of deterring thieves; paired with a Unichip Bluetooth or Key Fob remote, your vehicle cannot be driven once this map is active. Even if your keys do end up in a thieves hands, they can't go anywhere!

#2: Standard / OEM Map:

  • Every Unichip Plug & Play Kit that has the 5 programmed maps will always have the vehicle's existing ECU file accessible. This is useful for any engine diagnostics you may need to run. You will not need to remove the Unichip tuning kit to troubleshoot potential engine troubles. It's also handy for showing off your "night & day" newly-found power gains... 

#3: Economy Map:

  • Unichip Europe's Economy Map is more sophisticated than most. We not only configure the most economical map for each individual vehicle, but we also manipulate throttle response, too. The Economy Map recognises & eliminates sudden / jerky throttle movements, taking the one variable out that's stopping you from attaining the best efficiency - you! This program overrides when the user puts their foot down - the Unichip recognises that you're potentially avoiding a hazard & give you more power. So, if you're looking to improve your Land Cruiser's fuel economy - this Unichip Kit is for you. 

#4: Off-Road / Towing Map:

  • Many of our customers have off-road converted Land Cruisers with all of the bodywork modifications, but no engine mods! Our off-road / towing map is the final piece of the puzzle - it grants much more torque lower down in the rev range enabling you to tackle sharp inclines or tow in large capacities with relative ease. Perfect for both the adventurous and the work horses.

#5: Performance Map:

  • ?All of the power, across the entire rev range. Taking into account engine wear & component limitations, this map gives you the best possible power output that your engine can handle. This map is then "dialled back" to adhere to Toyota's own component limitations, to ensure your engine & gearbox can safely handle the extra power. If you're looking for the best cost-to-power upgrade for your 79 Series Land Cruiser - this is it.


Included in your Order:

  • 1 x Pre-Programmed Unichip X Module.
  • 1 x Unichip D8D Injector Driver Module.
  • 1 x Unichip Plug & Play Harness.
  • 5 x Pre-Programmed Calibrations (See Above).

Notes (READ):

  • Read more on our first installation by visiting our Tuning Blog.
  • Please examine & cross-reference your vehicle's existing ECU with the pictures of our harness provided to ensure you're buying the right product.
  • You'll need to purchase a map switch in order to access your programmed maps!

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