Unichip Q4

( unichipQ4kit )


The Unichip Q4 module w/ wires and plugs.

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This is a blank Unichip module complete with the neccessary wiring and plugs


  • Has all the features from the Unichip Q & Unichip Q+, with the added benefits of more manipulation tables. 
  • Commonly used for electronic flyby wire throttle control, providing the ability for anti-theft maps, aggressive throttle and smoother driving + towing.
  • Perfect for 4x4 & offroading;  manipulating the throttle gives your vehicle much better fuel economy and control of power. 
  • Suited for all vehicles. 

Please note: This is a universal, reprogrammable module. You will need the neccessary tuning equipment in order to render this kit usable. 



Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance With Unichip ECU Mapping

Boost Performance and Increase Fuel Economy the right way, without risk of damaging your vehicle



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