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  • Unichip Europe's ECU Tuning Kit for the Ford Ranger T6 3.2L Edition has been calibrated and assembled in house, in conjunction with our in-house rolling road & our dynamic team of tuners. 
  • This kit is perfect for those who're interested in getting their T6 Ford Ranger 3.2L remapped, without the permanence of such a modification. The Unichip ECU tuning kit is able to be removed with ease, and the module itself is then able to be re-programmed for use on your next vehicle. 

Ford Ranger Bi Turbo Wildtrak Raptor Limited Ecoblue Tuning Box by Unichip Europe

  • Unichip Europe's Ford Ranger Tuning T6 Tuning Box (or "Piggyback ECU") is fundamentally different from rudimental tuning boxes available on the market. With over 55,000+ tuning tables available to tweak using the latest Unichip X Module, this product is designed to radically change the way you perceive the tuning box industry - we've a meticulously refined set of tuning files that are tailored to your Ranger's 3.2L engine. 

Performance Gains:

The following figures were concluded from our in-house roading road*:

  • Horsepower: 126.7 HP   160.0 HP @ 2,200 RPM | +34 HP / +26.99% 
  • Torque: 300 LB-FT  385 LB-FT @ 2,000 RPM | +85 LB-FT / +28.33%

*Depending on engine condition, engine modifications & tire choice, your vehicle's existing power output may differ to what we concluded on our dyno. The percentage power / torque increase from your Unichip installation will be very similar to the figures we've stated.

Map Selection:

#1: Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) Our "Anti - Theft Immobilizer Map" is an intuitive way to increase the security of your Ford Ranger. Once active, your ignition will turn over, but throttle response is completely negated - the idea being that your engine idling but remaining unresponsive is enough to deter thieves should they gain access to your keys. This also renders key cloning & scanning devices useless, as these are specifically aimed at cracking your vehicle's security measures & not the Unichip.

#2: Standard / Stock ECU Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) Each Premium, Deluxe or Ultimate Tuning Kit is able to access your vehicle's original ECU file, which remains untouched and untampered with. Should you need to run any engine diagnostics for unrelated mechanical mishaps, you needn't unplug the Unichip Module. 
  • The Stock map is also a great means of comparison against your newly found power gains, too. Perfect for showing off and scaring unwary passengers... 

#3: Economy Map. 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) The Economy Map is an extremely well written and intuitive feature to our multi - map range. Simply put, this map acknowledges and eliminates ALL of your sudden / jerky throttle pedal movements, removing the one variable stopping you from attaining a more fuel efficient journey - you. Should you need more power to avoid a collision or road hazard, once you fully put your foot on the throttle, the Unichip recognises this input and gives you more power, potentially saving you from costly repairs & hardship.
  • As with many other fuel economy inspired maps, our Economy map will also give you more power lower down in the rev range, enabling you to reach cruising speed much more efficiently. 

#4: Off - Road / Towing Map (High - Torque). 

  • (Premium / Deluxe) The ultimate utility map. Unichip's Off - Road / Towing Map delivers a face melting boost to torque, low in the rev range. This is beneficial to anybody towing heavy loads or those who fancy getting dirty at the weekends...
  • Tackle sharp inclines & set off with a heavy load easier with this map. Simple! 

#5: Performance Map. 

  • (Standard / Premium / Deluxe) Our Performance Map is typically the reason why petrolheads (or more appropriately, "dieselheads") purchase a tuning box device or opt for a remap.
  • Once active, this map gives you all of the available power, across the entire rev range. This is achieved without compromise to your engine's mechanical components - so no need to worry. 

Included in your Order:

  • 1 x Pre - Programmed Unichip X Module. 
  • 1 x PD Unichip Driver.
  • 1 x Plug and Play Wiring Harness.
  • 5 x Pre - Programmed Unichip Maps.

Links & Buying Information:

Important Notes (Read):

  • Please cross-reference your vehicle's existing ECU connection ports with the images we have provided, to ensure the connections are correct.
  •  In order to access your pre-programmed maps, you will need to purchase a Unichip Map Switch. Please choose from the recommended items below!

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