Ford Transit Custom 2.0L 130PS | Plug and Play Kit (Premium Edition)

Dastek Unichip

( Ford2Transit130 )


Unichip Europe's Plug and Play Kit for the Ford Transit Custom 2.0L 130PS Model (2019 - Onwards)

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An extra +141 Nm of torque is definitely going to surprise a few people at the traffic lights. It's definitely going to surprise you the first few times... 

Ever since Ford released the 2.0L EcoBlue engine, Unichip Europe have been at the forefront of those lucky enough to tune them well. 


The kit you'll receive has been thoroughly live tuned on our in-house rolling road by some of the best tuners in Europe, delivering an unprecedented performance package with 5 unique maps.

So, if you're looking for more power, better fuel economy & an added level of security through our exclusive anti - theft immobilizer map, you needn't look further.

And as always, your module can be re-programmed for use on your next combustion engine vehicle. 


Typical Performance Output.

Peak Power Increase: 150.5hp   184.2hp 

   (+33.7hp @ 3,200 RPM).

Maximum Torque Increase: 276.0 ft-lbs  380.0 ft-lbs.

   (+104 ft-lbs / +141 Nm @ 2,000 RPM - Torque Map).

Typical MPG Yield: 7 - 12 MPG (Economy Map).


What's Included.

1 x Unichip 'X' Module.

1 x Plug & Play Harness.

5 x Pre-Programmed Maps: Anti - Theft | Standard | Economy | High torque / Towing | Performance.

What do these maps do?



In order for you to access our 5 pre-programmed maps, you'll also need to purchase an accompanying map switch. Please see our recommended products below to see our selection.

All of our plug and play kits do not need to be soldered in. Simply plug in your harness to your vehicle's existing ECU and you're done. If you need help installing, our technical experts are available 9am - 5pm GMT Monday - Friday to offer you assistance.



Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does this kit take to install?

Typically, installation will take you 45 minutes - 1 hour to install. Installation is simple and is able to be carried out on your driveway with limited mechanical experience. 

What power gains am I likely to expect? 

Expect a slight deviation to our figures (-5% / +5%). Your power gains will depend on the condition of your engine. Our figures are found from our in-house 4WD rolling road. Complete transparency.

Is this product safe for my vehicle?

Yes. Unichip Europe's kits are tuned with your engine's integrity in mind. Our product integrates with your engine / turbos - power is always delivered safely, and in most cases, a good engine tune will improve your engine's longevity.

Will this product leave any trace on my vehicle? 

No. The product unplugs from your ECU, leaving 0 trace. Perfect for vehicles on lease / finance & for any engine diagnosis purposes.


Unichip Ford Transit 130 PS ECU remap

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