Here at Unichip Europe we have been developing the Unichip for the Toyota Landcruiser 100 series powered by the 1HD-FTE 4.2 straight 6 engine. These are a very popular vehicle and they are unable to be tuned on the stock ECU, so the Unichip is the perfect application for tuning this vehicle. (check out the video for the full Unichip information).

This Unichip is available in both a direct plug in kit which we are able to send out for simple installation by yourselves or we can wire in or fit this kit at one of our dealers. We have developed the Unichip to come with 5 pre-set switchable maps. high power with throttle booster map, stock map, fuel economy map, towing map and immobiliser map, we are also able to offer different pre-set map settings such as off-road map, dulled throttle, speed limit map, high/medium/low powered map etc.

Power increases on this vehicle are massive. On the stock vehicle that we have tuned in house on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road the peak power gain was 29 bhp, now you may have been expecting more!! however at 2500 rpm we have an increase of 100bhp and at 1900 rpm with have an increase of 140 ft lb, these are huge power gains and right where you need it driveable!! and usable power!!, these vehicles are not used high up in the rev ranges, with tune it totally transforms how these vehicles performs and is over 3 seconds faster 0-60.

Unfortunately car theft is at an all time high and car thieves are getting smarter, with the Unichip having the ability to have a immobiliser function it safe guards your vehicle another added bonus. Not only is your vehicle faster its now safer!

  • 100bhp and 140ft lb power increase
  • 5 User selectable maps
  • High power map with throttle booster
  • 0-60 over 3 seconds faster
  • Towing map
  • Off Road map with dulled throttle
  • Anti theft map
  • Custom tuning for modified vehicles
  • Remote key fob/ bluetooth/membrane or rotary map switching available