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The indestructible Toyota is back! But, only if you're reading from the Middle East, South Africa or Australasia. The 2021 Toyota 79-Series Land Cruiser is extremely difficult to get your hands on if you reside in the UK, but venture beyond European borders and you'll find Toyota's latest resurgence is operating in any harsh environment globally.

If you're really trying to get your hands on one, there's an independent business residing around the South East, UK who'll sort one for you. And if you're a Land Cruiser fanatic with money burning a whole in your pocket, you might be tempted to do just that... 

(Is anybody else getting G-Wagon vibes?!)

Land Cruiser Toyota 70 series ecu mapping  Land Cruiser 70 series Unichip Europe ECU Land Cruiser 70 series Unichip Europe ECU


Equipped with a 4.5L V8 Turbo Diesel and enough space in the bed to fit the entirety of your local superstore's frozen section, the new 79-series looks well-equipped with the looks to back it. 

There's always a downside though. When it comes to agricultural and industrial use, there have been reports that Toyota's new addition is sluggish when towing (we're assuming it's down to preservation and longevity of the engine; reliability often comes at the cost of hindered performance). 

Having said that, Unichip Europe have got stuck in under the bonnet once again, providing a safe & effective performance boost, without the reservations of a giant hole being blown somewhere in your engine bay. 

Notable Unichip Features:

  • 5 x custom map switch settings. (Performance, Off-road, Economy, Anti-theft & Standard maps available)
  • Found horsepower @ 2,400 RPM: 125 HP >> 170 HP. (+30.5%, +45 HP)
  • Peak performance increase: 163.8 HP >> 193.1 HP. (+17%, +29.3 HP)
  • Torque @ 2,300 RPM: STOCK @ ~ 270 FT-LBS | PERFORMANCE @ ~ 370 FT-LBS (+31.3%, +100 FT-LBS)
  • For those who are serious about off-roading, winch map settings are also available on request with the Unichip package. 

land cruiser 70 series dyno graphs ecu toyota land cruiser 70 series dyno graphs ecu toyota land cruiser 70 series dyno graphs ecu toyota

We've installed Unichips on everything from Land Cruisers to Porsches, and everything in between. We'll leave a link to our case study page here, and as always, we still provide a whole range of plug and play kits for a select group of vehicles & manufacturers over on our web shop. 

A big thanks to Alex for choosing Unichip, and to Rowlands & Hordon Automotive Services for showing us all what we're missing!