"2ZZ track spec powered roadster"
We see our fair share of MR2 roadsters here at Unichip Europe, due to the fact that the stock ECU's are not able to be tuned!
So in order to make use of upgrades the Unichip is the perfect solution, without the huge cost of a standalone ECU.
distributor & installers of Dastek's Unichip, in UK and Europe
Most of the roadsters we have in typically have intake and exhaust systems fitted, some have turbo or supercharger kits installed but this one was slightly more unusual.
The customer had removed the stock 1ZZ 1.8 138 bhp engine and in its place was the more powerful 2ZZ 190 bhp 2.0 engine usually found in the Celica.
This was a complete conversion including wiring loom and ECU, however as with Toyotas of this age there was still the issue of being able to tune the vehicle.
Once the Unichip was installed along with a v-tec module we were able to fine tune the vehicle and get the best from the modifications fitted, due back later in the year following further engine upgrades.


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