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  • The Audi S3's conception in 1999 shook the hot hatch world. Equipped with AWD & a 1.8L turbo charged engine (limited to 207BHP due to the imminent arrival of the TT at the time...), the S3 was certainly the luxury hatchback choice some 23 years ago. 
  • Although a rarity on the UK roads, you'll still find a few cruising about with a myriad of aftermarket goodies - it's detuned engine is certainly capable of handling a few more horses. 
  • This particular example is in immaculate condition, replacing the stock 17" Avus alloys with a set that's a little more contemporary. The real changes lay underneath the bonnet; uprated injectors, full exhaust system (decat), cone air filter, intercooler, and of course, the all important turbo upgrade.
  • The Unichip Module is the ideal tuning tool of choice for such a project.

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Audi Quattro S3 1999 Unichip ECU Tuning - Wheel / Rim 1

Above: Less is more...

  •  Although presumably priceless in the owner's eyes, you'd expect to pay around £3,000 - £4,000 for a tidy '99 S3 in 2022. In this instance [taking into account aftermarket modifications], the only effective live-tuning solution is the installation and calibration of an aftermarket ECU, which is easily going to set you back at least £2,000. 

    With the Unichip Module being able to comfortably rival aftermarket ECU's for a fraction of the cost (Starting at £650 + VAT), it makes us the perfect choice for those who want to reap the benefits of standalones, but without breaking the bank. 

The Tuning Process | '99 Audi S3 | "Staged" Tuning

  • As with all of our installations, the tuning process starts with a thorough inspection of the engine, to ensure that the vehicle & it's aftermarket components are able to handle the extra power we intend to tune for. It's then strapped onto our Dyno Dynamics 4WD rolling road for a quick power run, to establish what power the engine's currently producing. 
  • Once we're happy, the Unichip Module is then installed between the ECU & the vehicle's engine sensors. In this instance, the Unichip Q+ Module was used.

Audi Quattro S3 1999 Unichip ECU Tuning 1 - back view outside workshop

Above: A stunning example of the '99 S3, albeit somewhat "molested". Sorry purists!

  • Our attention then turns to live mapping the module. The Unichip System itself grants us access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, allowing us to create a fully custom tune, superseding any kind of generic flash map & rivalling high-end aftermarket ECU systems.

?Audi Quattro S3 1999 Unichip ECU Tuning 1 - front view

Above: We love it.

  • Better yet, we're able to tune across the entire rev range, meaning that every 200th of a 1,000th RPM is accounted for & tuned respectively. This ultimately eliminates flat spots and allows for a much more refined tune.

'99 Audi S3 | Unichip Q+ | Tuning Results:

  • Using the Unichip Q+ Module, our tuners managed to extract 348.4HP @ 5,600RPM & 370LB-FT (501.6Nm) of torque @ 4,200RPM. 

audi s3 quattro tuning unichip module results

Above: Unichip Q+ Tuning Results...

  • Having said this, these figures are largely irrelevant. Although a relatively noticeable difference in power figures, the more impressive change was the way this vehicle puts down the power. There's dramatic improvements to driveability, specifically in the lower end of the rev range. Flat spots have also been tuned out, with the customer extremely pleased about how his Audi S3 now performs.
  • There is no other custom tuning solution on the market that's as cost effective as the Unichip Module. Get in touch with us today for your free tuning consultation today.   

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