We are particularly partial to a Impreza here at Unichip Europe especially a Wagon.


The owner has spend a lot of time and money restoring this car to how it left the factory nearly 25 years ago, it had just undergone a complete full respray and is looking amazing, the owner thought that not only should it look good, it should go a bit better, from its stock form, the customer had added a full exhaust system, front mount intercooler set up, induction kit, upgraded IHI turbo from a later version.

With all these modifications in place the only way to get the most out of the car was to go for a Unichip Q+ ECU installation which would allow us to live map the vehicle for the modifications in place.

Once the ECU had been wired in and a base map loaded, it was time to get the car onto the dyno and strapped down for some tuning, the customer also wanted to make use of the switchable maps so we installed a 3 port boost solenoid and a 2 way toggle switch so that the maps could be changed at the flick of a switch.

Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe

The car was set up with a high and low boost option, that way the car can be driven around in low boost, conserving fuel and not putting to much stress or strain on the engine, then when needed a simple flick of the switch an extra +45 bhp and 85 ftlb's is now usable.

  • Built in 3D mapped closed loop boost control.
  • Custom live mapping for all modifications in place, uprated turbo, intake, intercooler and exhaust.
  • Hi/Low in car switchable maps with up to 5 different maps with different switch.
  • 292bhp & 280ftlb