• On this day in 2019, Unichip Europe created a bespoke tune / remap for an iconic hatchback - the Ford Focus RS MK1. 
  • The Unichip Q+ module was installed, allowing our tuners to "live map" the vehicle with consideration to the (growing) list of engine modifications the client had fitted prior to visiting us.

Ford Focus RS MK1 ecu remap with unichip module

  • As many of you reading this will know, rudimental remapping, or "map loading" as we passive-aggressively coin it, simply will not cut it. These maps are useless on a modified vehicle, as they're written for stock vehicles and cannot account for engine components which have a direct impact on power output. 
  • So, this is how Unichip Europe created a truly unique "remap" for the MK1 Focus RS - by developing a tune pushing over the 300HP mark...   

Live Tuning | Ford Focus RS MK1

  • Once we'd detailed exactly what the client wanted out of his unique tune, we were able to start the tuning process by hard - wiring in the Unichip Q+ Module*, capable of holding up to 5 maps. In this instance, the client just needed two maps - High and Low Boost.
    (*For those wondering - the Unichip is able to be removed without trace once installed)
  • After quickly being installed between the vehicle's existing ECU & it's engine sensors, the MK1 Focus RS is then driven onto Unichip Europe's in house dyno, strapped down & our head tuner is carefully coerced into the dyno cell - complete with laptop.

Focus RS MK1 in Unichip Europe Dyno cell to be tuned


  • The Unichip Module allows access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, allowing our tuners to develop a refined tune, seriously contending with the capabilities of standalone / aftermarket ECU modules - typically for less than 5x of the cost.
  • This Focus RS MK1 had been lightly modified, which featured an uprated air intake, intercooler & exhaust system. The tuner, combined with the Unichip Q+ Module, was able to extract the most power without compromise to the stock engine component's capabilities. Once complete, a quick road test was in order to ensure the tune translated to real life drivability - mission complete. 

Focus RS MK1 | Tuning Results.

  • All inclusive, the Unichip in conjunction with the performance modifications equated to 302HP - a +90HP resulting difference from the 212HP MK1 Focus RS stock power. 
  • Torque increase figures were even more impressive. +131Nm of torque were found, resulting in a peak torque output of 441Nm (325 LB-FT). 

    Ford Focus RS MK1 Remap Performance Tune with Hi / Low boost Unichip Module    

  • Impressive results, considering the new Mercedes AMG A35 hot hatch produces 306HP & 400Nm of torque...!

If you'd like to know more about this performance case study, are considering getting your MK1 properly tuned or would just like to know more about Unichip Europe, get in touch with us below.

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