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  • If you wanted something punchy yet practical way back in 2006, the Ford Focus ST MK2 was the way to go. Sporting a very tuneable 2.5L engine capable of producing 225HP & delivering peak torque @ 1,600RPM, it felt just as fast as Ford claimed - superbly balancing comfort and driveability. 
  • This example is radically different from those you'd find in the showrooms. Fully equipped with air suspension, a roll cage & all of the added design features you'd come to expect from a show car, this specimen is certainly set to turn heads - whether it's to your own taste or not.

Ford Focus ST MK2 tuning unichip europe piggyback ecu

Above: In the words of Borat - "Very Nice!"

  • Underneath the bonnet, the MK2 Focus ST has a fully modified exhaust system [decat], a brand new custom hybrid turbo & uprated injectors. It's engine bay is immaculate - it's obvious that a serious amount of money has been spent in order to create something truly magnificent!

Ford focus mk2 st engine bay modified unichip ecu system 2

Above: Excuse the fingerprints.

  • It's also worth noting that this customer's previously had his Unichip installed by us a short while ago. Since then, the custom hybrid turbo has been bolted on, so it's been back in our company for a tailored calibration. Of course, we're more than happy to oblige.

The Tuning Process | '07 Ford Focus ST MK2

  • Despite already being familiar with the vehicle in question, the tuning process begins with a thorough check over of the engine bay and surrounding components, to ensure that the Focus is in a tuneable state. I don't fancy calling up the customer and telling him his engine is in pieces across Essex. 
  • As we've already installed the Unichip previously, we loaded the vehicle straight onto our in-house 4WD rolling road, strapped it down, supplied our tuner with a fat cup of coffee & unleashed him into the dyno cell.

ford focus st mk2 dyno tuning live ecu unichip

Above: Never trust a workshop with a clean dyno cell.

  • Once installed, the Unichip is then live-mapped on our rolling road. With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, we're not only able to create a polished tune specific to the vehicle, but do it quickly, too. This, in turn, keeps the tuning process from getting too costly. 

Ford Focus ST MK2 | Unichip Q+ | Tuning Results:

  • Retuning the vehicle's existing Unichip Module in conjunction with the new hybrid turbo setup, we managed to extract a peak power output of 408.4HP, as well a peak torque figure of around 425 LB-FT @ 3,000RPM.  

Ford Focus Mk2 ST tuning results using unichip module

Above: Unichip Q+ Tuning Results...

  • Naturally, you would expect a show car of this calibre to be running a full standalone ECU system. But, what's the point in spending thousands in component & installation costs when the Unichip is perfectly capable of handling the current set-up? There isn't one.
  • Taking full advantage of the Unichip's 55,000+ tuning tables across the rev range, the power delivery comes in nice and early, further exacerbating the improvements made to drivability & creating a much more spirited drive - all in a matter of hours! 
  • Much like that age old saying, a woman's work is never done. I'm sure we'll be seeing this MK2 Focus try to push for the 500HP mark sometime soon -so watch this space.

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