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  • Ahh, the Ford KA. The choice of vehicle for your grandmother & budding new drivers alike (including myself back in the day). The standard edition (1.3L) was immensely popular during the naughties, with a few of the 1.6L Sport KA's also in the mixer on the UK roads. You'll still see them knocking about - just not many like this one we've got today.

Sport KA race spec gutted interior shot 1

Above: This Sport KA weighs less than a mouse's shoebox.

  • This one's particularly special. It's had a small handful of modifications thrown on, including an air filter & a custom exhaust system fabricated by us, too. From this, it's also (obviously) had a Unichip Module installed, to create a refined and personalised tune for this track inspired KA. In case you haven't noticed already, 90% of the interior is missing, too. 

custom exhaust system for ford sport ka 1

Above: Tidy work. There's a video of how it sounds below...

  • This specific application of the Unichip is our most common type of installation. Typically, the cost of creating a truly "custom" remap on the vehicle's existing ECU is out of the question; the labour costs will be immense. On the other foot, the standalone ECU option is far too costly - the unit itself is likely to be worth 3x the vehicle's value, and we haven't even touched on dyno time...

    With Unichip installations starting from £450+VAT, in this instance, you can't find a tuning solution of this calibre for a better price. If you're looking for a personalised tune whilst keeping costs low, the Unichip is for you. 

The Tuning Process | '04 Sport KA

  • As with all of our installations, the tuning process starts with a thorough inspection of the engine & surrounding components, to ensure that the vehicle & it's aftermarket components are able to handle the extra power we intend to tune for. It's then strapped onto our Dyno Dynamics 4WD rolling road for a quick power run, to establish what power the engine's currently producing. 
  • Once we're happy, the Unichip Module is then installed between the ECU & the vehicle's engine sensors. In this instance, the Unichip X Module was used.

Unichip sport ka tuning ecu 1

Above: Has anyone ever taken a better shot of a KA?

  • Once installed, the Unichip is then live-mapped on our rolling road. With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, we're not only able to create a polished tune specific to the vehicle, but do it quickly, too. This, in turn, keeps the tuning process from getting too costly. 

?sport ka unichip tuning ecu front view race spec

Above: We love it.

Ford SportKA | Unichip X | Tuning Results:

  • Using the Unichip X Module, our tuners managed to extract 122.0HP @ 6,200RPM & 115LB-FT of torque @ 3,000RPM. 

race spec ka tuning results with unichip module on 4wd rolling road dyno

Above: Unichip Q+ Tuning Results...

  • Taking into consideration that the SportKA made 93HP & 100LB-FT of torque from factory and only minor engine modifications made prior to the installation, this is a great result. It doesn't sound like much, but there's actually been a 31% increase in horsepower - which will definitely be felt the next time the client hits up the track!
  • Couple the Unichip tune with the serious weight reduction and you've got yourself a serious little racer. 

    I'm calling this one... the KAterham. *groan"

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