'03 Ford Mondeo ST220 | Unichip Tuning

  • Our latest notable Unichip installation involves this classic Ford Mondeo ST220. Once the vehicle of choice for those needing to get the kids to swimming practice very quickly, you'll still see a few of these knocking about on the roads. Taking into account the fact the 3.0L 24-valve V6 DOHC Duratec-ST is naturally aspirated, this makes finding power gains notoriously difficult when it comes to tuning.
    Not impossible, though...

Ford Mondeo ST220 custom ecu tuning unichip europe

Above: A blast from the past...

  • This particular ST220 example has a full exhaust system, an air filter, custom induction kit & has been de-catted - boosting the original factory power figure from 220HP to around 236HP. Obviously, all engines lose power as they accumulate run time; this is also a factor we consider when developing a tune for a high-mileage engine. 

Mondeo ST220 tuning - Unichip Module and engine bay duratec 3.0l v6

Above: 20 years later and that engine bay is not too shabby at all!

  • As aforementioned, N/A engines are difficult to get "night-and-day difference" tuning results from - we typically expect around an 8 - 10% Horsepower increase.

    Find out how we got on below...

The Tuning Process | '03 Ford Mondeo ST220.

  • Every vehicle Unichip Europe develop calibrations for undergo a thorough vehicle inspection before any tuning work is carried out, especially for a high-mileage vehicle such as this 2003 Mondeo ST220.  This is an integral part of the tuning process - it mitigates the risk of engine damage before it's too late. Many of our clients end up purchasing a pre-modified vehicle, so it's important for us to understand exactly what work has been carried out in order to create a tune the engine & surrounding components are comfortable handling.

ST220 enthusiasts unichip ecu tuning modification

Above: ST220 Enthusiasts - pay attention...

  • Once complete, the Unichip is hard-wired in between the Vehicle's ECU & it's engine sensors - allowing the module to manipulate signals passing from the ECU through to the sensors. Once complete / inspected, the vehicle's then loaded on and strapped onto our in-house 4WD rolling road.

Ford Mondeo ST220 UNichip tuning ecu modification


  • Once installed, the Unichip is then live-mapped on our rolling road. With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, we're not only able to create a polished tune specific to the vehicle, but do it quickly, too. This, in turn, keeps tuning / labour costs to a minimum.

Ford Mondeo ST220 | Unichip X | Tuning Results:

  • As we mentioned earlier, Unichip installations on naturally aspirated engines typically yield an 8-10% power increase. Having said this, here are the results:

    HORSEPOWER: 236.2 HP  259.1 HP | +10% / +22.9HP.  

    TORQUE: 187 LB-FT  205 LB-FT | +9.6% / +18 LB-FT.  

Ford Mondeo ST220 Unichip Tuning Results

Above: Unichip X Tuning Results...

  • The client opted for just the performance map. Typically, most Unichip installations carry the ability to hold up to 5 separate maps, available to switch between in real time. Find out more about our Map Selection here.
  • This installation really did hit the upper bounds of the performance gains we'd anticipate with a naturally aspirated engine, so we were pleased with the resulting outcome. Of course, there was more "give" in the engine, 

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