• This week, we've had a 400HP+ 5.0L V8 Ford Mustang in our workshop for a Unichip installation. Naturally aspirated vehicles are very difficult to tune to extract more Horsepower from due to a restriction of air flow into the engine.

?ford mustang unichip tuning v8 piggyback ecu

  • However, thanks to the Unichip, we've been able to extract as much power as possible, as well as equip it with a myriad of extra features. Read on...     

The Tuning Process | Unichip Features

  • The Unichip Q4 Module was installed between the vehicle's ECU & it's engine sensors. The Q4, now superseded by the more powerful Unichip X Module, was used for its ability to program and store up to 5 separate maps for the user to switch in real time.
  • Once installed, the vehicle's loaded onto our in house 4WD Dyno Dynamics rolling road for tuning. Dealing with a naturally aspirated engine, the sole objective is to provide improvements to throttle response & drivability, as increasing overall power output is extremely difficult to do with an engine with restricted airflow.    

 ford mustang piggyback ecu overrun flames unichip europe tuning

  • Using the Q4, we managed to extract an extra +25 HP & 26 LB-FT of torque, which is a great result all things considered. The customer opted for the following map set:

    - Immobilizer "Anti - Theft" Map. 
    - Fuel Economy Map.
    - Pops, bangs & overrun Map.* 
    - Throttle Response Map.
    - Standard / Stock ECU Map.

    *This specific Mustang example featured an uprated exhaust system, allowing us to programme a "noisy" overrun map. You can check this out on the video below - it sounds amazing... 
  • Another advantage of the Unichip Module is the presence of the Anti Theft Map. Ford's (in particular Mustangs) are frequently stolen via key cloning and scanning. As the anti theft map is programmed to the Unichip & not the Ford's ECU, no key cloning or scanning tools can bypass this, massively improving the security measures your vehicle has

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