One of the latest developments here at Unichip Europe is the Ford Mustang powered by the 5.0 V8 producing over 400 bhp. 

To this we fitted the Unichip Q4 to enable us to extract as much performance as we could, with the option of 5 different switchable map settings.


As with any N/A engine this is the only way to extract as much power as possible not only top end but more importantly throughout the rev range, from this beast of an engine we managed to extract a further 25 bhp and 26 ft lb, and with the benefit of increased throttle response the driveability of the vehicle is vastly improved throughout the rev range.

The benefit of the Unichip on this car is not just the extra power the other features are the immobiliser map, very important these days especially on the ford scene as so many are getting stolen, because the immobiliser function is programmed on the Unichip not the Ford ECU no key cloning or scanning will be able to bypass this meaning you can relax knowing your car is safe and secure.

Another feature is the pops, bangs, overrun map on this vehicle especially fitted with the uprated exhaust system the sound is amazing "as we say its what ford should have made it sound".

Obviously due to the 5.0 V8 this isn't the best on MPG, now we all know you shouldn't by this vehicle if you want to do 50+mpg, however due to the switchable map settings we were able to trailer a custom map for fuel economy.

  • Increase of 25 bhp & 26 ft lb throughout the rev range high power map
  • increased throttle response
  • immobiliser map
  • pops, bangs & overrun map
  • economy map

Available now for the unbelievable price of £732 supplied, fitted and mapped at our tuning shop in Essex. (will also be available soon as a plug and play kit).