• Using the latest Unichip "X" Module (giving us MUCH more sophisticated tune), we've been able to create something other tuning companies have struggled to do effectively - successfully tune / "remap" the latest Ford Ranger Bi - Turbo. 
  • Okay, so what we've done is not technically an ECU remapTo tune the Ford Ranger EcoBlue Bi - Turbo, we've used our own piggyback ECU, which, in their basic forms, are commonly referred to as "tuning boxes". We don't like this term; it's been muddied by numerous tuning companies creating very rudimental tuning solutions that either don't make the power advertised, or turn your dashboard into a mobile disco.

Ford Ranger Bi Turbo Tuning Unichip X module mounted in engine bay

(Above: We've mounted the Unichip Module just underneath the windscreen)

  • The long and short? We are extremely proud of our Bi - Turbo Ranger tuning solution. It offers massive improvements to drivability, as well as access to 5 practical maps, available to switch in real time via the use of an interior remote or through your smartphone. These maps are not solely based around power; they improve vehicle security, fuel economy, as well as towing capability.  

Now available as a Plug & Play Tuning Kit! 

Order our Unichip tuning kit from our online shop. With a few generic tools, you'll be able to install your kit in less than 45 minutes with the help of our installation video. Find out more:

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ford ranger remap ecu tuning bi turbo ecoblue 210hp

The Tuning Process | Ford Ranger EcoBlue 2.0L Wildtrak

  • As with all of our installations, the vehicle in question is given a quick engine inspection, before a blank Unichip module is wired between the vehicle's existing ECU & it's engine sensors. Once we're happy, the vehicle is then loaded onto our 4WD rolling road & securely fastened on the dyno's infrastructure. 

Ford Ranger unichip performance tuning filming back view

(Above: We've made a series of videos to promote the Plug & Play Tuning Kit...)

  • From here, the Unichip is connected to our tuner's laptop, where he has access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, creating a much more refined & sophisticated tune in comparison to your typical remap. Once we've optimized the various basic tuning parameters such as the air to fuel ratio for each specific increment across the rev range, it's onto the more technical parameters (which unfortunately, we can't divulge...).
  • As mentioned at the start of this post, we've created / programmed 5 specific maps for the Ranger; Anti Theft "immobilizer", Standard, Economy, High Torque / Towing & Performance maps. They're all pretty much self explanatory. 

?ford ranger wildtrak 2.0 ecoblue tuning engine bay view 2

  • The difference between our tuning solution and the myriad of competitor tuning boxes (& their respected maps) are that ours are not increments of the same map. Each map has a unique purpose; they're not just designed to give you more power or attain better fuel efficiency - they're designed for real world application. 

Tuning Results | Unichip X Module

  • We were extremely impressed with the outcome. The Ranger's original power output of 212.8 HP (as concluded on our dyno) increased to 254.1 HP.
    212.8 HP >> 254.1 HP [+20.42% | +41.3HP] 
  • Torque gains were just as impressive, considering this vehicle was completely standard - it's original torque figure of ~380 LB-FT @ 2,400 RPM increased to ~465 LB-FT.*
    380 LB-FT >> 465 LB-FT [+22.4% | +85 LB-FT]

    *as per Towing map figures.

Dyno tuning results - ford ranger bi turbo tuning ecoblue

(Above: Standard / Performance dyno graph comparison)

dyno tuning ford ranger bi turbo wildtrak limited raptor

(Above: Towing & Economy Map Dyno Graphs)

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Now available as a self installable tuning solution.

Unichip Europe are pleased to share with you that the above tune is now available as a "Plug and Play" self installable ECU tuning kit! The product comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is follow the instructions and plug the product's wiring harness into your engine bay. Installation takes less than 45 minutes. Single mapped kits start at £499.99, with the above tune available for £749.99 [ex. postage].

 This is a tuning solution for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, Limited & Raptor 2.0L Bi-Turbo Variants.

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Ford Ranger bi turbo wildtrak raptor limited 2.0l ecoblue tuning box image