Here at Unichip Europe we had the pleasure of working our magic on this iconic 1983 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, these cars are quite a rarity these days and the old school ways of chip tuning have died out, the customer had made a number of performance upgrades and needed the car to be set up to run properly. After speaking to us they opted to go with the Unichip Q+ along with the 3 port boost solenoid kit to enable boost control.


Once installed and loaded on the rolling road we were able to tune the vehicle safely optimising the vehicle to its full potential, making the car drive smoother as well as increasing the bhp and torque of the engine.

  • Built in 3D mapped closed loop boost control.
  • Custom live mapping for all modifications in place turbo, injectors, exhaust.
  • Launch control available.
  • Hi/Low in car switchable maps with up to 5 different maps with different switch.