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 +115 ft-lbs (+156 nm) @ 2,000 RPM.

+ 43.3 HP @ 3,500 RPM. 

Typical MPG yield: +7 - 12 MPG (Economy map). 

5 x Custom Maps: Anti-theft | Standard | Economy | High Torque (Towing / Off-road) | Performance.

Now comes in a Plug & Play Kit for you to install at home!


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Who said you can't mix functionality & fun when it comes to utility vehicles?

We certainly didn't. 


This Ford Transit Custom 310 Sport comes with leather seats, a full sport body kit & 17" alloys.

It also features a 2.0L 170ps TDCi Adblue Engine, providing a stock torque curve flatter than a witches... never mind.  

Anyhow, the multi-processor Unichip Module, alongside our brilliant tuners, were able to transform this van's torque curve, so much so, we're added it to the list of the exclusive plug and play kits we sell on our shop. Take a look at this comparison graph below:


Unichip Transit 310 Custom Sport Comparison  

Figure 1: The Transit 310 Sport's Before / After comparison Dyno Graph.

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The long and short? The Unichip Module was able to safely provide an extra +115 ft-lbs @ 2,000 RPM, an +43.3hp @ 3,500 RPM - which is fairly incredible. 

This Transit now produces over 400 ft-lbs of torque. Did you know the Ferrari 458 Spider produces 398 ft-lbs of torque?


Okay, so the Transit probably weighs twice as much, and the 458 probably isn't going to have a toolbox inside of it either. Or a high-vis jacket. Or a paper coffee cup from two months ago.

But, an impressive statistic nonetheless.


Anyhow, with the Unichip installed, the client now has significantly more power, low in the rev range.

It's a good job the 310 Custom comes with leather seats, because the power delivery is sure to surprise a few people...

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The vast majority of our plug and play kits come with 5 customised maps for you to switch from, in real time. The Transit Custom is no different.

And usually, our client's invest in a Unichip for its versatility, just as much as for the power it creates.

Transit 310 Custom Unichip Dyno Cell



Fitting the Unichip is the easy part. Taking the time to create maps that are distinctly different from each other is the tricky bit. Every map that comes with this install each has a real world benefit. We take the time to create maps that are useful, save you money over the long run, and with the power to keep you smiling during your daily commute. 

Transit 310 Custom maps include:

Anti Theft | Standard | Economy | High-Torque | Performance.

Transit 310 Custom Sport Unichip Bluetooth Enabled



Our Anti-theft map is one of the Unique features exclusive to the Unichip. This setting completely negates throttle response, meaning that even if somebody has access to your key, they won't be able to drive it. The picture above shows you our blue-tooth controlled app, where you're able to choose a map in real-time. So, as long as your phone is secure, your van will be, too. 


The standard map is also selectable. This is kept for engine diagnosis purposes. It's also used as a means to compare the power of the Unichip, especially when showing friends / family / colleagues the difference once the performance map is active. 


The Economy map typically yields an extra 7 - 12 MPG. If you were to drive 10,000 miles annually, this map could potentially save you upwards of £250 a year.

It'll dull your throttle response, taking the one variable out stopping you from driving economically - you. This map will also give you a significant power increase too, allowing you to reach cruising speed quickly. So don't think our Economy map is boring, you'll likely be using it a lot more than you think. 


Our High-Torque map is great for Towing and Off-roading purposes. More torque is available lower down in the rev range, giving you that much needed power boost, right where you need it. 


Finally, there's our performance map. The Unichip Module allows a skilled tuner to control so many more engine parameters, when compared to rudimentary remaps and chip tuning products. This allows us to tune for the extra 1% across many parameters which all add up, giving you more power & a much better spirited drive. 

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You're not buying a product that'll just give you more power. You're buying an experience.

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