"Quickview" Information:

  • +43.3 HP @ 3,500 RPM.
  • +115 LB-FT @ 2,000 RPM (+156Nm).
  • + 7-12 MPG with our Economy Map.
  • 5 custom maps available to switch in real time.
  • Installable yourself in under 60 minutes.

Who said you can't mix functionality & fun when it comes to utility vehicles?

We certainly didn't. 


  • Unichip Europe's latest endeavour tails away from the 500HP+ performance vehicles you're accustomed to seeing on our blog. Following the success of our Ford Ranger Tuning Kit, we've now installed one into a Ford Transit Custom (170PS) edition - with mind-bending results.

Ford Transit Custom Unichip ECU Remap Piggyback ECU

  • As you may know already, Ford's range of 'EcoBlue' engines feature an ECU that, at the time of writing, are currently not able to be remapped. Vehicles such as Transits & other utility vehicles are arguably one of the most remapped class of vehicles on the UK roads, as improvements to performance often translate into better fuel economy. 

Unichip Transit 310 Custom Sport Comparison  

(Above) Figure 1: The Transit Sport's Before / After comparison Dyno Graph.

  • Using the Unichip X Module, our team of expert tuners were able to safely extract another +43.3HP & +115 LB-FT of torque. These figures are all within the engine's mechanical capabilities, so there's no risk of component failure directly caused by the increase in power. 
  • Once installed, torque output exceeds 400 LB-FT @ 2,250 RPM. Coincidentally, the Ferrari 458 Spyder produces 398 LB-FT of torque. So, if you're considering purchasing this product, we'd also suggest grabbing a new badge, too. One with a horse on.
  • More impressively, the performance gains found are relatively low down in the rev range, offering dramatic improvements to driveability. The power is almost instantaneous & guaranteed to make those cold winter morning commutes a lot more interesting.
  • Keep scrolling to find the programmed map set.


Exclusive Unichip Features.

  • The Unichip X Module (featured) is able to hold up to 5 separate maps within it's memory, available to switch in real time. The programmed map contents are as follows: 

    - Anti Theft "Immobilizer" Map
           Our immobilizer map is one of the unique features exclusive to Unichip. Once active, this setting completely negates throttle response, meaning that if a thief has access to your keys, they will be unable to drive it. Couple this with our Bluetooth or Key Fob Map Switches and your vehicle's security measures are infallible. Furthering this, key cloning / scanning devices are rendered useless, as the security technology lies within the ECU module itself & not the vehicle. 

?Transit 310 Custom Sport Unichip Bluetooth Enabled

Above: Showcasing the "UniMaps" App & the Anti Theft Immobilizer Map for complete security.

  • - Standard / Stock Map. 
           Your Transit's standard map intentionally remains accessible for engine diagnosis purposes. Use this map to identify or troubleshoot any mechanical issues or faults. It's also a fantastic means of comparison against your newly found power gains.

    - Economy Map. 
           The Economy map not only gives you more power lower in the rev range to attain cruising speed more efficiently, it also dulls your throttle response - alleviating the single most important variable of the "economical driving" equation - you. Typical fuel economy savings range from 7 - 12 MPG; so if you drive 10,000 miles annually, you could potentially be saving upwards of £250 a year on fuel alone.

    - High Torque / Towing / Off - Road Map
           With this map active, the Unichip signals to your engine sensors to create more torque lower down in the rev range. This makes towing heavy loads or setting off with an over-encumbered bed much easier. This is also a useful map for any off-roading endeavours. 

    - Performance Map. 
           The performance map gives you all of the available power across the entire rev range. The Unichip Module itself allows a skilled tuner to control a whole host of engine parameters, putting it in a completely different league compared to rudimentary flash maps (or remapping). Finding the extra 1% across a litany of parameters equates to a much more spirited drive. 

Map Selection: More Information


Purchasing Unichip Europe's Transit Tuning Kit:

  • We now stock a "plug and play" Transit ECU Tuning Kit. This product requires minimal mechanical / electronical knowledge to install - simply unplug your existing ECU from it's original harness and plug in the Unichip Kit! 
  • The Tuning Kit has all of the features listed on this blog. 

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