The best thing about the Unichip is that it can be fitted to practically any vehicle, this is always a massive benefit when the car has custom modifications, often we do vehicles that are one off's and it means they can be tuned properly, this is what the owner of this Hyundai Coupe 2.0 16v did, he had fitted a complete manifold back exhaust system as well as a custom induction kit, now these were on they wanted to make sure that the vehicle was performing at its best.

The Unichip Q was supplied and fitted and a base map was loaded, the vehicle was then put onto the rolling road and strapped down, in its stock form the car made 138 bhp, very close to its claimed stock 140 bhp, we then set to work calibrating the vehicle, we were able to extract another 14 bhp taking the car to 152 bhp and were able to increase the torque from 140 to just over 150 ftlb's, fairly impressive gains made from this engine.