Unichip Europe are notorious for developing remarkable tunes for the Land Cruiser family - and today has been no different. 

We've had yet another Land Cruiser Amazon (A.K.A 100 Series) in, and by this point, we're able to install the Unichip with our eyes closed...


Cult Following. 

The Amazon's 1HD-FTE 4.2L engine is widely praised as being one of the most durable & reliable Land Cruiser engines, commonly used for intensive agricultural, farming and mining purposes due to their impressive grunt & towing capability.

This is particularly true on the African & Asian continents, where the climate & conditions are torrid & the best option for the job is the vehicle one grade down from a military assault vehicle... 

Land Cruiser Amazon Engine Bay

(Above) FACT: The Amazon's engine bay has the surface area of 5 and a half football pitches.


 However, these days, the Amazon has gained cult popularity on the western hemisphere with purists, over-landers and retro SUV lovers alike. It's no-thrills exterior really does make it the 'marmite' of the retro SUV industry, but was widely well received across the globe, so much so, that the newer 200 series was heavily criticised for looking "too modern", escaping the traditionalist stylings of the brutish 100 series.


Land Cruiser 100 Series Back Shot

(Above) This model's in immaculate condition for a 23 year old...

 In terms of power extraction, the Unichip Module is able to completely transform these SUVs, creating a massive amount of torque, adding huge improvements to overall driveability, and ultimately, remodelling the Amazon to rival modern SUVs - some 20 years later...


The Installation Process.

The Unichip X Module was wired onto the original Cruiser's ECU loom, located just behind the glovebox. There's not a lot of room in this space, but just enough to squeeze a Unichip into. Perhaps Toyota had this in mind all those years ago...

Once wired in, it's straight onto the dyno, ready to be tuned. A few adjustments to the Dyno in order to compensate for the 2.5 tonne Cruiser were necessary, but we manage. 

Land Cruiser Dyno

(Above) The elephant Land Cruiser in the room...

 An hour or so later, our in-house tuner, Rich, emerges from the Dyno cell half a stone lighter. It's warm in there on the best of days, let alone mid-august...

The Results. 

The resulting tune is incredible.

 325.0 ft-lbs  475.0 ft-lbs @ 1.7k RPM (+150.0 ft-lbs!)

 149.1 HP  193.8 HP @ 3.5k RPM (+44.7 HP).


 stock land cruiser dyno graph  unichip performance land cruiser installation

Night and day difference. We love these Land Cruisers. Doumo arigatou Toyota!


Not much to be said here - the results speak for themselves. Look at that torque curve. The power is there - exactly where you want it. The client had made the journey from Yorkshire to Essex; for those of you who don't know, that's about a 4 hour drive. I'm sure he's somewhere on the M1 setting the record for the world's longest grin.

Happy days.

Side Note - 'The Japanese Commercial'... 

Ever wanted to watch the 1998 Japanese commercial for the V8 100 Series? Now's your chance...

(Above) "Made in Earth." How on earth did they sell SO many?!


Previous Installations.

This isn't our first rodeo. Land Cruiser's are a popular sight in our workshop; here's some of the 100 Series we've featured so far:



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