• This week, we've installed & tuned a Unichip Module onto this pristine Lotus Elan Turbo, improving torque output by 63% & improving boost output by a whopping 200%. Find out how we did it, total power output post tune & the pre-programmed calibrated maps below:

lotus elan se engine tuning unichip module back view


  • The Elan's keen Isuzu engine was capable of producing a 0-60mph time of 7.0 seconds as well as adeptly handling corners, establishing itself as a pocket rocket some 30 years on. Thanks to a few bolt on modifications & now the Unichip installed as a tuning device, overall power output & power delivery is greatly improved. 


Tuning | Lotus Elan SE

  • As with all of our installations, the vehicle in question is given a quick engine inspection before the Unichip is installed. This is to ensure that the engine is in good condition and is physically able to handle the increased load created by the module. Following this, it's then securely strapped onto our in house 4WD rolling road to commence with live tuning. 

lotus elan unichip tuning dohc isuzu engine bay

  • The Unichip Module in all it's variants (Q, Q+, X) is considerably cheaper than a standalone ECU module, which are typically used to tune modified vehicles. The nature of the Unichip tuning interface simplifies advanced tuning, making the tuner's work much more efficient, further saving on labour expenses. This makes the Unichip Module the best tuning option for "lightly modified" vehicles such as this Lotus Elan.

lotus elan unichip tuning front view

Engine Tuning Improvements | Lotus Elan SE

  • Our rolling road concluded that, with the Elan's added engine modifications, it made 221.1 HP. Following the introduction of the Unichip Module, it now produces 255.3 HP, a +34.1 HP / +14.3%.

?Lotus Elan Unichip Boost Graph Dyno

  • Torque figures were equally impressive - at 3,400 RPM, the Elan now makes 225 LB-FT of torque, with the original value at that same RPM of 135 LB-FT. This means that torque output has increased by 63%, or +90 LB-FT.
  • Boost pressure also greatly improved, especially at the low end of the rev range. Over 1.2 Bar of boost is now found at 3,400 RPM, dwarfing the vehicle's original output of 0.4 Bar. 
  • 2 Map Sets - "High Boost" & "Low Boost" - simplicity is best sometimes...
  • All things considered, this calibration was immensely successful. Your typical aftermarket ECU route would likely cost well over 5 times a much as the Unichip installation, and would result in exactly the same power output regardless. Bargain!

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