For anybody yearning for some late 80's / 90's styling nostalgia, the Elan is a classic example. The keen Isuzu motor is accompanied by the typical plastic prison, reminiscent of the era. Capable of sub 7.0 sec 0 - 62 MPH & great in the corners, the Elan was already a pocket rocket before we even laid our hands on it...  

Lotus Elan SE Unichip Tuning Box Lotus Elan SE Unichip Tuning Box Lotus Elan SE Unichip Tuning Box

Notable Improvements

  • Peak power increase from 221.2 BHP to 255.3 BHP (+34.1 BHP / + 14.3%).
  • 2 x Custom Map settings, high boost & low boost, fully tailored to the vehicle spec. 
  • Torque gains - @3,400 RPM the stock engine creates around 135 Ft-lbs of torque. Post Unichip installation, the engine now finds a shade under 225 Ft-lbs at that same RPM. That's a 90 Ft-lb difference
  • GREATLY improved boost at the low-end. That little Isuzu engine now packs a serious punch between ~2,200 - 3,400 RPM. Over 1.2 Bar is now found at 3.4k RPM, as opposed to the 0.4 Bar originally found. Definitely noticeable at the traffic lights! (See graph below)

Lotus Elan Unichip Boost Graph Dyno 

Lotus Elan Unichip Graph Tuned Power Output Lotus Elan Unichip Graph Tuned Power Output

Some great results to accompany a great little car which is often overshadowed by it's little brother, the Lotus Elise, and it's strong competition from Japan, the Madza MX-5 MK 1. And in case you were wondering, we've also installed the Unichip into an Elise, too.

You can check it out here.