A very popular car for the Unichip installation are the Mitsubishi Evolution's, as with most Japanese vehicles the stock ECU cannot be mapped or limited in later models.

The customer had made a number of modifications to this stock GSR, upgraded turbo & manifold, full exhaust system upgraded intercooler and intake, upgraded fuel pump and reg.


To this EVO VII we supplied and fitted and Unichip Q+ which allowed us to custom live map the vehicle on the dyno for the modifications in place, we also set up in car adjustable hi/low boost at the flick of a switch.

  • Built in 3D mapped closed loop boost control.
  • Custom live mapping for all modifications in place, uprated turbo, injectors, intercooler, exhaust.
  • Launch control available.
  • Hi/Low in car switchable maps with up to 5 different maps with different switch.
  • 360 BHP & 340 ft lb.
  • Remote key fob available.

Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe

Power was limited to just over 360 bhp and 340 ftlb, due to having a weak actuator, hopefully we will see the car back in the coming months with a stronger actuator and can run some more boost.