We love a good engine swap. 

 This client's Volkswagen MK2 is now home to a 2.8L VR6 Engine, donated from a VW Corrado. It's also home to to a Vortech V9F supercharger, with a newer ECU & wiring loom exchanged for it's original unit.


 MK2 Golf VR6 Swapped Supercharged Unichip    MK2 Golf VR6 Swapped Supercharged Unichip 2


Looking for a cost effective way of tuning his installation, he got in touch with Unichip Europe to add those all important finishing touches. 

Traditionally, this kind of work would require the client to invest in a standalone ECU. However, the Unichip Module is able to adjust and change just many of the engine parameters needed to carry out the tune.


vr6 engine unichip


We installed a Unichip Q alongside an injection overdrive module. This was able to give us more control over the fuelling, alongside a turbo module enabling us to tune the supercharger set-up. 

Once wired in & the base map loaded, it was driven onto Unichip Europe's DynoDynamics 4WD rolling road. From here, our tuner is able to live-map the vehicle, adjusting each parameter in tiny increments to ensure the result creates a massive improvement on power & driveability - as safely as possible. 


golf dynmo


Once the tuner felt he'd got the best out of that supercharged Corrado donor engine, the MK2 Golf was off to be road tested. A few tweaks & altercations later, the car now drives perfect. 

There may be more power to come, but were unfortunately limited on fuelling. Hopefully we'll be seeing the client again soon to see if we can extract any more power.



The end result? This MK2 Golf now makes over 280 BHP & 245 ft-lbs of torque, with a massive improvement to drivability.

We believe that there is no other ECU option available on the market available to carry out the same level of tune - making the Unichip the most affordable option for tuning a vehicle like this.

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