We love a good engine swap.  

  • This week's Unichip installation featured a MK2 Volkswagen Golf that's been engine swapped to accommodate a 2.8L VR6 engine, which you'd typically find in a VW Corrado.
  • But that's not all; this particular example was also home to a "Vortech V9F" Supercharger, alongside a newer ECU & Wiring Loom replacing it's original unit.

VW GOLF MK2 Unichip Tuning vr6 engine swap supercharger

  • Ongoing build projects such as this MK2 tend to suit Piggyback ECU tuning solutions as opposed to a custom remap; anyone who's ever been involved with such a project knows that, much like a women, the work is never done. The Unichip Module is able to infinitely re-programmed, so any further performance modifications can be accounted for by just a quick tweak on our in house rolling road.


Unichip Installation | Supercharged MK2 Golf

  • All of our Unichip installations start with a thorough vehicle & engine inspection, and once complete, the Unichip Module can be installed. In this instance, the Unichip "Q" Module & an Injection Overdrive Module were used to give us more control over fuelling. A turbo module was also used, enabling us to tune the MK2 Golf's supercharger set up. 

mk2 golf supercharged vr6 unichip installation rolling road

  • Typically, this level of tuning requires an standalone / aftermarket ECU. This is a costly route to go down, especially when playing "Unichip Lego" with Injection Overdrive & Turbo Modules is a far more cost effective method to yield exactly the same result.
  • Post installation, the vehicle is strapped securely onto our in house rolling road & a base map is created. From here, our tuner is able to live tune / live map the Unichip, adjusting each parameter in tiny increments to ensure the most effective tune based on the client's requirements.

vr6 supercharged mk2 golf unichip installation front view


  • Once complete, the MK2 Golf was road tested. Once back, a few minor tweaks were in order to complete the tune. Unfortunately, we were limited to creating more power due to a fuelling issue. We'll be seeing this vehicle again very soon once the client's made the necessary altercations.

Tuning Results | MK2 Golf

  • Despite the obvious fuelling problem, the tuning results were not as bad as we anticipated. 280 BHP & 245 LB-FT of Torque, with a palpable improvement to drivability. Check back later for an updated result; this isn't the last we see of this Golf.
  • With Unichip installations starting at £450+VAT, there are no other available ECU / Piggyback ECU tuning options available on the market that rival the capability of the Unichip Module. 
  • For more technical information on this project, or to book in a consultation with one of our expert tuners, get in touch with Unichip Europe today:

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