We can install our Unichip System on 98% of road-going vehicles. It don't matter if it's black or white...

A customer brought down his extensively modified Volkswagen MK6 Golf GTI the other week, with the sole purpose of having an ECU system that was able to both accommodate his engine component upgrades, as well as having the capability to re-programme the tune for any further modifications.

As always, the Unichip goes hand-in-hand with any modern project car with an ECU.

Golf MK6 GTI Unichip 1    Golf MK6 GTI Unichip 2

Vehicle Specification:

Turbocharged 2.0L Straight 4 | 207 BHP / 280 Nm (Factory Spec).

Full custom exhaust system w/ incorporated decat.

Ramair induction kit.

Aftermarket sport intercooler set up.

 Uprated turbo set up. 

Aftermarket high-pressure fuel pump.

 New Unichip 'X' Module. 


Golf Mk6 gti Unichip 3    MK6 Golf Gti Engine Bay Unichip 4


The Unichip X Module.

There is literally no point in spending thousands on project cars modifications if you're not going to tune your engine.

It's like buying all the materials to make a pair of trousers, without buying the thread to join it all together. You just wouldn't. 

Fortunately, the Unichip X Module provides all of the answers you're looking for. Our products are closer (and probably better described) to a Standalone ECU, rather than rudimentary chip tune device / remap.

MK6 golf gti unichip 5    MK6 Golf GTI Unichip 6

Over at Unichip Europe HQ, we've got an in-house 4WD rolling road, access to some of the most advanced tuners in Europe, and a positive mental attitude (important). 

We're able to live-tune vehicles on the rolling road with absolute precision. Any and every discrepancy is ironed out by one of our experts, and due to the nature of the Unichip X, we've got access to so many more tuning tables. 

This allows us to alter and refine dozens of engine parameters, rather than your bog standard ignition timing / air-fuel ratio tweaking. In fact, you can see the main parameters we're able to access on our About page. 


If you'd like a more in-depth discussion about what the Unichip Module can do for you & your vehicle, get in contact with us.


The Result. 

The result? All of that extra engine space & those aftermarket modifications, working together in perfect cohesion.

mk6 golf gti dyno results unichip

 Now: 355 ft-lbs @ 4,750 RPM | 359.5 HP @ 6,750 RPM. 

Unichip Features: 5 Maps - High Boost | Low Boost | Performance + | 2 other maps @ owner's discretion.

Pops + Bangs enabled. We'll be seeing the customer again soon to make them even louder...(!) 


Piqued your interest? Unichip Europe offer two options; Dealer Installation & Self Fit "Plug & Play Kits".

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