As with a lot of the older Japanese market of vehicles, the stock ECU's are unable to be "remapped" this often causes problems, running issues and faults once people start to modify these cars, not everyone is able to afford or warrant the standalone option as this can typically cost a few thousand pounds. This is where the Unichip works at its best; we are able to fit and tune the vehicle on the stock ECU for the modifications in place without the huge added cost. This iconic Nissan Skyline R33 GTST has had Intake, Intercooler, exhaust system and injector upgrades, we have installed the Unichip Q+ with 2 switchable maps high and low boost.

  • increased power, torque and drivability.
  • switchable high/low boost in car maps, no need for additional aftermarket costly boost controllers.
  • speed restrictor removal.
  • no boost cutting/running issues.