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  • This week, we've had a project develop from a simple Unichip Module installation into a full on performance overhaul. We are of course talking about tuning this understated 2014 Audi S3 Quattro.
  • Originally developing around 295HP from factory, this S3 arrived with an "uprated" turbo pre-installed. We use the term uprated very loosely - it quickly became very apparent that the turbo system was unable to make the power the seller had previously claimed.

Audi S3 Turbo Unichip Performance Package Picture 1

Above: A proper turbo for a proper performance vehicle...

  •  Ever wanted an executive vehicle that's comfortable, stylish & with the capability to stain your pants at full throttle? Apparently all you need is an S3 Quattro, a decent turbo & the Unichip Module to bring it all together.

The Tuning Process | Audi S3 Quattro

  • The tuning process always begins with a quick inspection, followed by a power run on our Dyno Dynamics rolling road to establish a base for our tuning & to determine the vehicle's actual power output.
  • From experience, it quickly became apparent that the client's hopes of attaining 500HP+ [claimed by the turbo company] were quickly diminished by a turbo that was only fit for purpose with a ride on Lawnmower. This turbo was virtually brand new - and these kind of phone calls to our customers never get any easier. 

Audi S3 Quattro performance tuning picture 3 endless works

Above: Endless Works know how to build them. Unfortunately, this project felt like endless work for us...

  • Fortunately for us, this vehicle was built by Endless Works, a performance tuning company residing in South East London. We've developed a great rapport with these guys over the years - Unichip Europe's operating workshop [Redline Tuning] frequently tune "X Rated" performance vehicles from these fellas - so naturally we've developed a mutual trust over the years.
  • Cut a long, long, looong story short, after some shopping around, the client opts to purchase a Turbo Technics turbo in the hopes of reaching that 500HP target. We install it, we load the S3 back onto the Rolling Road, and we get back to work. Some hours (and laptop wizardry) later, the S3 emerges back out of the dyno cell...

Unichip X Module for performance tuning an audi s3 quattro

Above: King of the S3's. 

Audi S3 Quattro | Unichip X Tuning Results:

  • Using the Unichip X Module, our head tuner Rich manages to pull 483.2HP | 465 LB-FT on typical street fuel. On higher octane fuel, this figure easily pushes into the 500's, but without appropriate fuel, we cannot test for this. But, working with several vehicles with similar set ups, our speculative figures are always around the mark. Anyways, 483.2HP is a big difference from the S3's factory output of 295HP... 

    audi s3 quattro unichip tuning performance package results dyno

?Above: Impressive results; hard work pays off.

  • The client's has opted for the "Performance Package" Map Set:
    1) Performance.
    2) Sport.
    3) High Boost.
    4) Low Boost.
    5) Economy.

    The Performance Package offers the client the best of both worlds; using the Economy & Low Boost Maps, functionality as an everyday driver remains.

    And the other 3? Well, they're designed for the customer to STRICTLY drive at 70MPH on the motorway. We swear.

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