Here at Unichip Europe we get to work on such a verity of vehicles as the Unichip is a universal product.
Last week we had in quite a rare car the Rover 200 BRM, this was a top of the range version powered by the 1.8VVC k- series with a few very noticeable features, most obvious is the bright orange front grill, and red leather interior.


The customer had recently just finished doing some restoration on the car and wanted to get the most from it whilst keeping it stock.
We supplied and fitted the base Unichip Q and got the car onto the rollers, now it is a fact there is going to be minimal performance gains to be had from a small stock NA engine however we managed to extract from 4200 rpm 8 FTLB torque and from 5k nearly 10 BHP through to the redline.

 Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe         Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe

This doesn't sound a lot but the customer was very happy with the gains and said the pickup had vastly improved.
Obviously in the future the customer may wish to change the exhaust and intake system, possibly upgraded camshafts or full engine rebuild all of which the Unichip can cater for.