Development of a plug and play kit for the Subaru Impreza. This is a standard car with over 200 hrs on the rolling road of tried and tested maps. This will be available in; stage 1 (standard car), stage 2 (decat exhaust system, sti, intercooler, Airfilter) and stage 3 tunes (stage 2 plus larger turbo). Using the latest Unichip Q4 we take control of boost pressure, ignition timing, fuel mixtures and throttle control system, making a very unique and fully customisable tuning product. The Unichip is the perfect ECU control system to grow with your chosen modification route. The Unichip can be custom remapped for any mods you make.

Before and after dyno Graph Subaru sti

Impressive gains over a standard car. By utilising a 3 port boost control valve we can get the turbo on much earlier, making the car feel much more eager and sporty. 

Dyno graph 3 port boost solenoid



  • Anti theft.
  • Economy/valet mode.
  • Medium boost.
  • Sport. 
  • Sport plus. 

Map switch options. 

Unichip I phone app map switch