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  • Ahh, 2022. The gift that keeps on giving. We've been honoured to work on an abundance of high performance / show cars this year, and we're not slowing down anytime soon...
  • Azim's Subaru Impreza WRX Turbo is perhaps one of the cleanest (or tastefully modified) examples in the south east, paying homage to originality with just a handful of exterior extras installed.
  • What's more impressive lies underneath the bonnet. It's engine is completely forged, features a custom hybrid turbo, front mounted intercooler, full exhaust system (w/ Decat) & uprated injectors. 

subaru impreza wrx turbo tuning unichip front facing

Above: Subtlety sorts the wheat from the chaff.   

  • The client's been on the market for a perfect turbo for quite some time now, so naturally, we've seen this Impreza more than our fair share of times at our workshop. These Subaru's always respond greatly to the Unichip with just the stock turbo installed (upwards of +100 LB-FT), so naturally we've been quite excited to have it back once again!
  • Find out how we got on below... 

The Tuning Process | '03 Subaru Impreza WRX + Custom Hybrid Turbo.

  • Even though we've had the pleasure of working on this vehicle for quite some time, all vehicles & engines we work on go through a rigorous safety check prior to any form of modification - and this one is no different.
  • Once complete, the Unichip is hard-wired in between the Vehicle's ECU & it's engine sensors - allowing the module to manipulate signals passing from the ECU through to the sensors. Once complete / inspected, the vehicle's then loaded on and strapped onto our in-house 4WD rolling road.

unichip tuning subaru impreza wrx modified turbo royal mail

Above: Who are you backing to get your parcel delivered first?

  • Once installed, the Unichip is then live-mapped on our rolling road. With access to over 55,000+ tuning tables, we're not only able to create a polished tune specific to the vehicle, but do it quickly, too. This, in turn, keeps tuning / labour costs to a minimum. You'll also be aware that Standalone ECU systems typically cost upwards of a four figure sum, just for the Unit alone - making the Unichip Module itself at under £300 incredible value for money.

Impreza WRX Turbo | Unichip X | Tuning Results:

  • Considering the vehicle's original power output of 221.3HP coupled with the extensive modifications, we were already anticipating a great result. And we got exactly that. 
  • Using the Unichip X Module, we extracted around 425HP, up from 315HP @ 5,500RPM - an incredible +125 HP difference. Maximum Horsepower output improved from 410HP to 442.4HP - a +32.4HP top end improvement.
  • At 5,000RPM, torque dramatically increases from ~300 LB-FT to ~425 LB-FT - a +125 LB-FT difference. Definitely noticeable.

subaru impreza wrx turbo tuning results unichip x module dyno graph

Above: Unichip X Tuning Results...

  • These results are phenomenal, but results we've come to expect with these Impreza's over the years. This is not the end, however. The client's planning on adding a water methanol injection system, which can be both utilised and controlled by the Unichip Module. We'd imagine we'll be seeing Azim and his nutty Impreza sometime very soon to complete the mission. 

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