This Unichip tuning option is available in both a direct plug in kit which we are able to send out for simple installation by yourselves or we can wire in or fit this kit at one of our dealers.

The customer opted to go for the power boost kit which allows us to run more boost pressure, once the unichip was all installed the vehicle was loaded onto the rolling road and strapped down, monitoring equipment was fitted so that the vehicles engine could be tuned for maximum performance with safety in mind.

Again as with all of the Landcruisers that we have seen here fitted with these 4.2 HD-FTE engine huge amounts of power are able to be extracted, see the graphs below that show the power increases. 

Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe             Unichip engine mapping chip distributor in UK and Europe

Peek power went from 134 to 197 meaning an increase in 63 bhp, however more impressively at 2,000 rpm the power went from less than 100 to over 180 another 80+bhp.  

The torque gain was even more impressive and that is what makes such a difference with these vehicles, at 1750 rpm the torque went from 225 to 480, that is an increase of 225 ft lb of torque which is right where you need it.

With these sorts of power increases the vehicle is totally transformed, the customer even called us after he have left in total amazement of how the vehicle drove now! 


  • 5 pre-set switchable maps.
  • high power with throttle booster map, stock map, fuel economy map, towing map and immobiliser map,
  • other maps available off-road map, dulled throttle, speed limit map, high/medium/low powered map etc.
  • Custom tuning for modified vehicles
  • Remote key fob/ bluetooth/membrane or rotary map switching available